Episode 69 – Raphael Paulin-Daigle

Today’s guest is Raphael Paulin-Daigle of SplitBase.com. He is a conversions expert who is  extremely passionate about helping businesses grow. He’ll teach us not just about website and Facebook marketing conversions, but also about the first impressions clients receive when they come through the door and how to follow up with people.

With Facebook ads in particular, many business owners Boost a Post or build an ad, hoping for an immediate payback. What they SHOULD do is plan the result they want to get; create a solid offer; target the exact people they can help MOST; then build the ad. And then test, test, and test again.

For example, a common problem many people report is a high response rate (lots of views, shares and comments) with no action. This is conversion: do your “leads” from your ads take action, or not? You can have a fantastic ad leading to a very poor landing page, and get zero results. If so, you’re not bad at marketing; you’re bad at converting. Raphael is very, very GOOD at converting.

 Marketing is all about helping people and building a relationship. Be sure to follow along and take good notes on all the strategies presented today!

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In this Interview:

  • The process behind improving your business marketing
  • The hidden roadblocks that are losing you sales
  • How often should you be surveying your customers
  • The importance of placing testimonials on your landing page


  • How many questions should be on a customer survey
  • Applying data to your business to help it grow
  • How to use persuasive copy to overcome and avoid objections

About Raphael:

Raphael became involved in digital marketing through his first startup about seven years ago. It is no surprise conversion optimization was the first thing to catch his attention. His creativity and admiration for good design, combined with his interest in psychology, human behaviors and growth made conversion optimization the perfect match.

It was at this moment that SplitBase was born. Raphael assembled a team of conversion analysis, copywriters, and designers to deploy and execute his full conversion methodology within his client’s promises. A methodology that has continually produced millions of dollars of growth for SplitBase clients.

Raphael has given keynotes and workshops to marketers, bank executives, and CMOs of Fortune 500 companies around the world. He now oversees conversion strategy and operations as the CEO of SplitBase.


2:40 – Raphael Paulin-Daigle Introduction

7:00 – Raphael in his own words

8:01 – The process behind improving your business marketing

10:14 – A practical case study on business marketing

12:16 – The mistake of projecting what you like onto your customers

14:29 – Doing the conversion research to inform your customers with what they want

15:57 – The importance of customer surveys and what not to ask

19:26 – What are some great questions to ask on a customer survey

24:14 – A concrete example of implementing a survey and analyzing results

27:11 – Are clients willing to answer questions? How to incentivize taking a survey

28:52 – Simple changes you can make to your checkout button for massive results

30:35 – What is losing you sales in your business that you don’t know about

31:28 – How often should you be surveying your customers

33:05 – How many questions should be on a customer survey?

34:47 – Using analytics to tell how many people are getting to your landing page but not buying

37:19 – Applying data to your business to help it grow

39:12 – Practical examples of applying insights to your business

44:50 – Using copy to overcome and avoid objections

48:13 – Ways to overcome the price objection when marketing to customers

49:43 – The two make or break components of your sales funnel.

52:46 – How to implement retargeting with the new Facebook pixel feature

56:15 – How important are testimonials on your landing page?

57:26 – How do you know your landing page is working?

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