By the Numbers: Show Rate Leaderboard

A woman looks at her computer and considers whether she'll show up for the gym consultation she booked.

Lead nurture is the key to marketing in the digital era.

We measure the effect of your lead-nurture strategy through a metric called “show rate.”

Getting attention used to be hard. Social media makes it easy now.

The hard part is translating that attention into action—getting people to show up for a consultation and then sign up for your service.

Show rate is how many people show up for No Sweat Intros (NSIs). Here are the top gyms in the world for show rate in October:

A leaderboard showing the top Two-Brain gyms for show rate in October 2021—from 24 to 57.

Here’s how they did it:

“Our lead-nurture campaign sends reminders of appointments 48 hours in advance—both email and text, followed by a text one hour before their slot.”

“If my slots aren’t full, then I will go down the list of most-recent leads and give them a call, which tends to lead to them booking an NSI. However, it’s pretty rare I need to do that if I’m honest. We’d don’t run any ads. We utilize Reels and social media mainly, but we don’t have any paid adverts or recruitment-specific posts.”

“We care about our client from the first moment on. We text new leads right away: ‘Here is our website, here is helpful content.’ When they sign up, they get daily emails, and content is helpful: ‘If you have questions, here is the WhatsApp username to talk to your coach, here is the team.’ So we’re really taking care of the client.”

“I make our appointment reminders funny. For example, this is the 48-hour text: ‘Sylvie, don’t forget you’re booked for Friday, Nov. 19, 2021, 5:30 p.m. I’d rather break my tortilla chip scooping too much salsa than have that happen. See you soon!'”

“We hired Gym Lead Machine, which does 90 percent of the heavy lead-generation lifting. I also used a few tweaks I learned on Two-Brain’s YouTube channel with Jeff Burlingame. I constantly tweak my text and email templates with his scripts.”

“We added a 5-7 minute long pre-qualification call. What we do is use a Google form to record everything the person says, then I paste the answers into the appointment folder and give the info to the coach. The coach uses the same questions in the NSI as I do on the pre-qual phone call. We know a lot about them at the point of the NSI. We avoid all the price questions on the call. I reply with, ‘We don’t know right now. It’s a lot of options, and we don’t know what option you’ll be doing.'”


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