By the Numbers: Set and Show Rate for July

By the Numbers - Set and Show Rate for July

Every month, we showcase one or two metrics that are important to gym owners. We highlight the best Two-Brain gyms in those categories and share their tips with you.

This month, we’re focusing on getting more clients. Three metrics help us diagnose problems and improve lead flow in a gym:

  • Set rate—how many people book a No Sweat Intro (NSI).
  • Show rate—how many of those who book actually show up.
  • Close rate—how many of those who show up sign up for memberships.

Here are the top performers for set rate and show rate in Two-Brain last month:

A leaderboard showing the top 10 gyms for show rate in July 2022, from 19 to 48.

Here are the top tips on improving set and show rates from our leaders:

“We send them a video message after they book an NSI. This has correlated into a higher show rate.”

“We publish a ton of free content on our social media platforms now, like ‘How to Use a Foam Roller.’”

“We spend $840 / mo. on Google ads with both images and text, and another $1,350 on Facebook ads.”

“We get most of our new NSIs from referrals—always invitations to bring a friend. No direct asking for referrals.”

“We used the lead-nurture script from (Two-Brain)—but instead of email, we used it in WhatsApp.”

“We just turned up our ad spend!”

“Whatever channel they come in, we use consistent follow-ups and nudging to show up. There’s no appreciable difference between text or emails for booking rates, and we make slight tweaks to the (Two-Brain) templates to make the messaging personal to each person.”

“New prospects have said, ‘We know you have a strong community because we’ve seen it!’”

“When we get a pricing inquiry, I just send an email introducing myself, asking (about) their goals & biggest current struggles, and then I suggest a couple of available time spots for an NSI.”

“Gym Lead Machine (Kilo) has really been essential to our lead-generation strategy. I let it do 99% of the heavy lifting.”

“I use Facebook ads exactly as they’re written in the Two-Brain marketing course and let them run.”

“We switched to a virtual NSI. People seem to find it more convenient and comfortable. After they book, I send them our gym guide—it shows them some pictures of the lifts we teach, which reinforces why we need the intro sessions.”

All of these are wonderful ideas. Which should you adopt? Ask your mentor.

In the next post in this series, I’ll share how the top gyms in Two-Brain sign up more people than gyms anywhere else.


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