What to Do When You Have No Idea Where Clients Come From

A confused gym owner scratches his chin and wonders how to get more clients.

The most successful gym owners have one thing in common:

They follow a plan.

When I ask top fitness entrepreneurs how they post amazing metrics, they always have a precise answer.

They never say “I don’t know” or “good things just happened.”

So what’s your plan?

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I’ve interviewed dozens of top gym owners over the last four years. Every month, Two-Brain produces leaderboards, and I contact and interview the best of the best to find out how they posted their numbers.

I did that earlier this week: Vel Bates of 3D Fitness earned over 100 leads in September, he booked 45 appointments, he got 26 people to show up, and he closed 16 sales. You can check out our conversation here.

I asked Vel about each stage of the funnel, and he had precise answers.

Here they are:

  • He used about $600 of paid Facebook advertising and a very specific organic post to get 100+ leads in September. His content was tailored to the specific type of client he wanted to acquire.
  • He used his website and direct messages to get people to book appointments.
  • He used a carefully crafted email and SMS system to remind people to show up, and he followed up if they didn’t.
  • He used the Prescriptive Model to present services with a sales binder and close sales in an office full of testimonials and social proof. He even showed me a graphic depicting a client roadmap that lets his new members know exactly how their first 90 days will go.

Every step of the funnel was obvious. Vel’s funnel is a far cry from my haphazard efforts as a gym owner 10 years ago.

Anyone: “How do you acquire new clients?”

Me: “I have no idea. People just randomly email me and ask to try a workout.”

I asked Vel how long it might take to get a system like his in place. He said about six months if an owner is willing to do the work. He also said that the front-end work of creating such a system is balanced by the ease of running a well-oiled machine after you build it.

I wouldn’t have been able to build and manage a system like this in six months. I would have fumbled around, dawdled, made mistakes and gotten frustrated.

But six months is now a realistic timeline for a gym owner because Two-Brain has done-for-you resources, templates and data-backed best practices to help you get your sales funnel working fast. And a mentor can provide the accountability you need to stay on track or even move faster.

If you want to, I’m sure you can build a fully functional funnel in less than six months—and then you can build three more (Two-Brain teaches clients to build four effective funnels).

But the point is that top modern gym owners all have an exact plan to acquire the clients they need. They’ve all abandoned the wait-hope-pray approach in favor of sound, data-backed tactics.

If you don’t know exactly where your clients come from and how you can get more when you need them, do yourself a solid: Book a call here to talk about mentorship.


One more thing!

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