$93,000 Monthly Revenue? Our Top Gym Killed It!

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Money doesn’t solve every problem—but it solves the money problems.

So how do you make more money to support your family, your staff and your clients? A host of gurus want to sell you their secret plans and tactics to “flood your gym with leads.”

I want to tell you how great gyms actually generate more revenue.

To get the info that will help you improve your business, we tracked revenue in gyms around the world, and we identified and verified the Top 10 gym owners. Then we interviewed them so we could share their methods with you.

Here are the revenue leaders in Two-Brain in September 2023:

A top 10 leaderboard for gym revenue in September 2023, from $49,487 to $93,516.

Here’s how they posted these amazing numbers:

“Calling former members, reactivating past members. Sending at least two emails, minimum, consistently to the email list. Keeping our Google My Business page up to date—address, phone and photos. We have one new coach coming on, and that will allow us to take on more members.”

“We have head coaches or client success manager roles now—eight of them all together. Each will manage 100-125 people. We adapted this concept from Two-Brain. They are the direct point of contact for the clients. This role, plus the GM role, has helped create more delineation in the staff. These coordinators get paid on the number of members under them, so they are incentivized to keep their clients and acquire more.”

“We’ve removed our discounts.”

“We have a big competition this weekend coming—128 competing! Seventh year running. We likely brought in about $25,000 from the Autumn Games. The goal with the comp was to get five new members, but we got 15.”

“We added PT because of our mentor, Storm. I can ID someone that is a fit for PT vs. group. We have five PT coaches now (zero before). We raised all the prices for PT and increased the onboarding from $100 to $195 for nutrition. I’ll do a holiday group challenge in November.”

“The last month we had our special program: Ready to Change, at 450 euros. It’s a 10-week program to get clients to learn everything about themselves and make a blueprint to see everything we offer, too. We had 39 people join for this quarter. After 10 weeks, they’ll have their blueprint and know what they want to join. It’s a great process to get them really bought in. I’m assuming 25-30 will continue. Front-end revenue will continue to increase after the 10 weeks again. … This program makes a big jump in revenue. We start the marketing (Facebook ads) six weeks ahead of the start of the program … . Both word of mouth and marketing are selling it. Clients are convinced that they get confidence and education from the 10 weeks, and then they are warmed up and ready to continue with membership. A lot of couples join together, and friends.”

“What made a huge difference was the whole No Sweat Intro (NSI) process. … When we used free trials, we had people drop off, and engagement lacked. I had an NSI this morning, and right away he signed up for the PT on-ramp. It is one of the reasons that we’ve had more new members.”

“We add a personal touch right from that NSI booking. We call every lead within two hours of booking. They always say that they are impressed when we call them back right away. They say they’re very delighted that it’s so professional. We do a lot of role-play with our team.”

“We improve our average revenue per member (ARM) with specialty seminars. Last month we started a 12-week, twice-per-week Olympic lifting seminar at $240 per month and had 12 people commit to the three months ($720 total). We have one going on almost all the time. We decide on the seminars based on the goal reviews. Rolling seminars are used as a tool to keep ARM high.”

“Our group training is more profitable than PT for our coaches and business. If someone comes in for private training at $50 for 30 minutes, we pay 44 percent. But instead we promote the teams to bring in six clients for 1.5 hours at $50 each, so that’s $300. This doubles the trainer’s money for the time. This is more similar to the semi-private model.”

“We have found a way to have much higher profit margin in apparel or ‘spirit wear.’ We bought a heat-transfer machine. We order the apparel and then just order the logo from a transfer service. Anyone can make the shirts—very easy. I found the problems in the past were turnaround from screen printers. We were spending $20,000 on screen printers in years previous. Now we’re making $500,000 annually in revenue from apparel.”

“We have put a lot of action points after the NSI. … People talk to us about feeling comfortable—just today someone messaged me that our gym is very inclusive and that’s why they want to join. … We tell them why we don’t do free trials.”

Need More Revenue?

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