Seasons of Change (Why You Should Take Action Today)

By Certified Two-Brain Fitness Business Mentor Ashley Haun

Things change. Nature has seasons. Our bodies mature. Science evolves. Yet we often expect our gyms to remain the same day after day.

It’s natural for our gyms to evolve as we grow as entrepreneurs. But so many owners resist change when it comes to staff, programming, our mission and vision—and everything else. 

Jordan Peterson talks about why humans do not embrace change here:

Staying the same keeps us comfortable. We understand our environment, know our neighbors and staff, and know what to expect day to day. We feel safe.  

Our ancestral roots have taught us that predictability is safety. Change means embracing the unknown—and a tiger might be waiting out there.

So in our gyms, we often resist change. We keep a bad staff member longer than we should. We avoid the hard conversations with our team members. We do not review our programming to see if it’s still effective. We do not stop to ask ourselves, “Am I achieving my mission here?”

Asking hard questions might require us to make changes. So we don’t ask the questions.

This can prevent us from making dramatic improvements.

Change—and Growth

I’ve been resisting change myself. I didn’t want to change my gym even when I knew it was necessary. I was sad about it, I was mad about it, and I brought it home with me.

I’ve done this more than once. But I’m learning. Each time it happens, I recognize I’m going through a “season of change” sooner, and that helps me lean into the hard act.

For example, staffing changes have often sent me into panic mode. I would project negative outcomes and become scared of the future. 

Recently, my gym has experienced two staff changes. One teammate is stepping away from one of her roles. The other has decided she does not find joy in coaching anymore. Instead of entering panic mode, I thought about entering a new “season” in my gym. So I met with other coaches, did Career Growth ToolKit sessions with my whole team, and adjusted the team to fit our new needs. 

When I accepted the change and the new “season” in my gym, I felt a sense of relief. And my mentor helped me list the exact steps to take with confidence. 

Instead of avoiding the issue, I started taking action right away. 

And I’m already seeing growth: new ideas, new energy, more revenue and more goals met. We’re moving closer to making our vision a reality and we’re helping more people.

So cheers to change and new seasons in the future.

What change are you avoiding right now?

A mentor can help you move forward and make positive changes. To talk to one, click here to book a free call.


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