Sample Shareholders’ Agreement

Business is tough on relationships.

Some new business owners are shy about documenting their partnership. They fear the formality will put a strain on their marriage, their bro-dom or their friendship. But when they’re done well, written contracts SAVE relationships.

I’ve used this agreement for six different companies. I sold my share in two of them, and I’m still close friends with both former partners.

I’m a fan of the “Shotgun Exit” in particular. It’s fair to everyone, and provides a quick way to “rip the bandage off.” When a business buyout occurs, emotions can spiral out of control. I believe it’s better to get it done quickly and stay friends.

This is a sample, of course. Take it to a lawyer.

In the sample, the two business parties are named “X” and “Y.” Sub your name in for X, their name for “Y,” and add a Z if necessary.

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Here’s the PDF version:
Sample Shareholders’ Agreement
Here’s the editable DOC version:
Sample Shareholders’ Doc

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