The Info I Craved as a Struggling Gym Owner

A cartoon characters says "psst!" in the ear of another.

Twelve years ago, I would have crawled over a mile of gravel to get access to the info I’ll give you today.

I was a struggling fitness entrepreneur, and I would have loved tips from the best gym owners in the world. Back then, sound advice was hard to find, and you never knew if someone was offering data-backed facts or untested opinions.

Here, you’ll get quotes from the gym owners who posted these verified monthly revenue numbers in January 2024:

A top 10 revenue leaderboard for January 2024, from $58,000 to $125,000.

It takes $58,000 in monthly revenue just to get in the conversation here.

And over $125,000 in one month? That’s mind blowing.

So how did these gyms post these numbers? Here are the answers (note the focus on business fundamentals, not wild schemes):

“Increasing average revenue per member by offering specialty courses and also a higher-level nutrition program. We use goal reviews to upgrade prescriptions.”

“I think our revenue is high compared to most due to the amount of PT that we do. All our group memberships are hybrid, and we have recurring PT memberships.”

“We have been focusing hard on retention and goal-setting sessions. And two months into the year we are doing very well.”

“In March, we are beginning PT memberships as opposed to packages. More to come on the revenue impact of this in the coming months. We project that it will add around $7,000 to $10,000 to our revenue line when the grace period ends in six months.”

“We charge a lot—our ARM is between $700 and $800 (personal training and nutrition coaching combined).”

“We track leading KPIs for staff (sessions booked in advance, conversations initiated each week by our salesperson, client touch points for our client success manager). Everyone has a target number they are held accountable to—a number we know correlates to lagging KPIs like sessions and revenue.”

“We are selling quite a lot of PT, and we have nearly 500 members. Membership fee is only $108 USD but our PT session price is $130 per session.”

“We currently have 200-plus Goal Reviews in the calendar with people we meet every three months.”

“What was ‘special’ is that we hit a homerun on lead ads. We got 250 leads (normal-ish is 25), and we booked 80 No Sweat Intros (NSIs) that resulted in 55 sales. So we needed to hire an ‘NSI booker’ to keep up with the leads.”

“I have been in business longer than most. We focus on one aspect of the business at a time until it has the strength to carry itself, then we move to another revenue stream.”

“We are a baseball/softball facility, so we are based around teams. We focus on volume in numbers of memberships, but we are shifting to go deeper with our clients in 2024 to do more private/semi-private lessons this year and be more profitable.”

Revenue—and Profit

We teach gym owners how to generate the revenue they need to support their businesses and live the way they want.

That means we also teach gym owners to carve profit out of gross revenue.

Remember, huge revenue totals that equal huge expense totals aren’t impressive. We’ve seen “million-dollar gyms” with no profit.

But we’ve also seen gyms with 150 members that generate the profit required to pay the owner more than $100,000 a year.

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One more thing!

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