Generate Revenue Before the Open? Yes, It’s Possible.

A graphic showing large gold coins as weights on a barbell to illustrate gym revenue.

I created the Intramural Open in 2011 to generate fun in my gym.

It worked like a charm, but it took a lot of time and effort. As I improved the concept, I saw all sorts of ways to use competition season to add revenue to my bottom line.

I’m not saying new revenue is more important than smiling clients—but you can have both.

In Two-Brain’s annual “Intramural Open Guide,” I always include retention tips and step-by-step revenue-generating tactics for gym owners.

Here’s a quick look at one tactic you should use right now, well before the competition starts.  

In fact, I bet you can use it to generate $2,500 in the next 10 days.

Open Prep Course

During the Intramural Open, your members care more about a thruster, snatch and pull-up than at any other time in the year. In fact, their ability/inability to do them becomes an emotional experience.

So you have a great opportunity to help them in the weeks leading up to the event.

Do this: Promote a prep course to prepare members for competition. You know exactly what people always need to work on: double-unders, pull-up variations, handstand push-ups, etc.

You’re a great coach, so I won’t tell you how to teach movement. I’m sure you can think of 100 ways to fill a six-week prep course that helps people make significant progress with tricky movements.

What’s a reasonable fee for six-week course? I’d suggest $250 as a starting point, but you can adjust that if you’re offering more value. If you market this course right now and sign up 10 people, that’s $2,500 in immediate revenue—or more.

Course participation will help people succeed in the Open, which is great for retention. And you have a great opportunity to suggest eager clients book additional personal sessions to make even more progress after the competition ends.

A six-week prep program is just one example of a pre-competition revenue-generation tactic, but the options are endless:

  • Specialty courses and clinics.
  • Accessory programs (conditioning, strength, etc.).
  • Private and small-group skill sessions.
  • Competition nutrition seminars.

I’ve got other revenue-generating tactics in my “2024 Intramural Open” guide. I won’t go into detail here because it’s all laid out for you in that ebook.

If you’re heading into competition season without a firm plan, get mine today and use it with my compliments.

I bet you can sell out a prep course in about a week if you take action today. The guide is available right now in the Gym Owners United group—or you can just send me a DM on Facebook (please ask for the “2024 Intramural Open guide” specifically).


One more thing!

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