The questions I answer in this episode (and links and notes) are:

What are you doing for the Open in 2018? (Free guide coming this week)

What’s different in 2018? We redo our online modules every year, starting from scratch, with the question “What do gym owners NEED?” While a lot of our curriculum stays the same (because it’s important, and effective) we update strategies based on new knowledge every year. We also test ideas in mentors’ gyms and present them–when they work–in our Incubator and Growth stages.

What’s your greatest story from the Greg interview that didn’t make the audio cut?

I only cut a small amount of audio from the interview (we went down a rabbit hole on Mel Siff that didn’t really make sense if you weren’t there) and left the rest in, verbatim, including the abrupt start. So I’ll share a bit more about our conversation over lunch after the interview.

What’s the Workshop? A local coworking space, with rentable offices, seminars and a boardroom.

Where do mentors come from? I give an outline of our mentor selection and training process. I’d pick any Two-Brain mentor over any consultant or guru out there, and this is why.

What’s the best marketing advice you gave in 2017? “Pump the brakes.” Just kidding. This is a long part of the episode. I think affiliate owners are pouring gas into a leaky tank. Some of them even have their car up on blocks. I also know where I’m willing to make bets on affiliate owner success, and the low-hanging fruit that helps me guarantee the ROI in the Incubator.

How much content is too much? This is a tricky question. Unsolicited Spam emails? Once is too often. Emails to a list of people who want to hear more from you, and gave you permission to send more? There doesn’t seem to be a ceiling. I go into much greater depth in the episode.

Should I still use the word “CrossFit”? “Yes, but…” – listen to learn more.

How do you choose people for mentorship? How do you know if it’s a good fit? A subjective process, but there are still some tips you can use to get accepted into our mentorship program.

What’s the best software to use? I go broad here and ask the big question “What do we actually NEED?” because I want to provide a lens through which to make the best decision.

How do you keep your entrepreneurial spark? A big question, and it’s asked more often than you might think. Entrepreneurs fail because of burnout all. the. time. More hustle isn’t the answer. Motivational memes about “grinding” aren’t the answer. Appropriate challenge, pursuit of education, and change are the answers. Here’s how to make sure you’re not going to get burned out.

Should I sell my gym? I don’t want you to. But the path to selling your gym and FIXING your gym has the same first steps. Here they are.

What tech are you testing this year? My geek question. Last year we shared power meters and heart rate tech; this year, we’re getting bloody. (Not really – you might feel a bit of pressure, that’s all.)

This episode is a lot longer than I thought it would be, because the questions were GOOD and I wanted to be thorough. Thank you for your attention and thoughtfulness!

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