Guidelines to Exponential Growth

PT Starter Kit:  Want to CRUSH Personal Training Sales?

Here are some general guidelines to success:

  • Drop the Trial
    • Get them started sooner
    • Refine your intro so that new prospects are happy to start today, not “dipping their feet in the water”

  • Make On Ramp 1-on-1 instead of group
    • Ask them “Would you feel more comfortable working with a coach 1 on 1 or in a group?”
    • IF they answer 1 on 1, do you have an answer for them?

  • Sell PT during On Ramp
    • Don’t wait until the end of On Ramp to ask for the sale
    • Talk about the benefits of 1 on 1 training
    • Better yet, show them

  • Produce PT content weekly
    • Establish the expertise of your coaches
    • Let them know what you offer
    • How does it benefit them?

  • Sell monthly plans instead of packages
    • Month to month packages are much easier to set up and require no maintenance
    • They are often worth much more long term

  • Group your membership options instead of creating hybrids
    • Rather than creating a discounted service specific only to a few individuals, try grouping membership options
      • i.e. Ms. Jones does CrossFit, PT, Nutrition and a monthly In Body.  Leave the memberships all separate so she can keep them all for as long as she wants, or drop 1 or 2 options instead of all of them

This is the tip of the iceberg, but a great place to start nonetheless.  Refine the process to maximize the results
If you need more help, we are here for you.


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