Podium Week: Your Complete Guide

12065860_930193830360287_6560557620001382150_nSuccess leads to motivation, not the other way around.
When your clients celebrate success, they’re more likely to internalize joy and gratitude.
Put them on a podium.
This year, we’ll be celebrating Podium Week on December 12-18. It will help our athletes recognize and celebrate their progress. It will help our community see what REALLY goes on at a CrossFit gym. And (I hope) it will help CrossFit gyms flood the internet with positive images of success.
Our “Intramural Open” plan has been adopted by hundreds of other gyms. It’s my hope that Podium Week can help gyms as much as the Intramural Open has. Here’s everything you need to get started:
1. Keep your regular programming. Find opportunities for “podiums” within.
For example, in “Jackie,” there are at least four opportunities to do something they’ve never done before:

1) row 1000m faster than ever before.
2) Do 50 unbroken thrusters.
3) Do 30 unbroken pullups
4) Finish the workout in a PR time.

…and I’m sure you already see MORE opportunities, right?
2. Before the workout, ask each client which podium they’ll aim for.
3. Encourage them to do so.
4. When they hit their mark, write their goal on a small whiteboard and take a creative picture of them holding it up and smiling. Stand them on a plyo box with a small whiteboard listing their PRs and the #podiumweek hashtag.
5. Post on your FB business page AND your personal page. Tag the athlete. Make sure the post is “public” so their friends can see it.
You’re probably already taking pictures of your clients during workouts, right? Uploading and tagging them? That’s not new to anyone. But context matters: a sweaty heap of Henrietta on the floor isn’t as appealing as a beaming Henny, standing on a plyo box, holding a banner that reads, “I DID IT!!!”
10988539_813013682078303_5268783938629907005_nThis is also helpful to your gym in other ways:
1. It gets your coaches thinking about celebrating success;
2. It teaches the habit of internalizing small wins;
3. It presents a new way to approach old workouts;
4. It puts small wins in context (see “the growth mindset”)
5. It allows for mucho celebration. If you’re using SugarWOD, the fist-bumps will FLY.
1. Review your programming with coaches a week before. What are the best opportunities for Podiums?
2. Get 10-15 small whiteboards and a LOT of whiteboard markers.
3. Allow 5 minutes at the end of class for Podium celebrations, pictures and hashtag-time
4. Post one picture from each class to Instagram; auto-feed to Facebook.
5. Create a FB album on your page for the other photos.
6. Tag every person in every picture.
7. Host a “Podium Party” on the 18th (we have a huge holiday party called “The Gift.”)
8. Smile.
Our business isn’t “based on service.” It IS service. The best way to service your clients is to show them the path to success…and help them celebrate when they get there.



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