Passing The "Grok" Test

Forget everything you’ve heard about websites. Here’s the ONLY thing that matters:
If I opened your website today–knowing NOTHING about your business–and stared at it for three seconds, then slammed my computer shut, could I explain what you’re selling?
In other words, could a caveman understand what you do? That’s the “grok” test.
Can I tell that you’re a gym?
Can I see how you’ll help me lose weight?
Do I see how you’ll help me, or do I have to burn a ton of mental calories trying to figure it out? Because I won’t. I’ll just click to the next option.
If I’m searching for a way to get back in shape, and I find your website talking about “COMMUNITY!” and “MOVE BETTER!” and pictures of legless rope climbs, I’m out. Because I’ve already got plenty of friends, and I move just fine.
I’m not looking for more problems in my life. I’m looking for fewer.
I don’t want to try and figure out what you’re selling. The next guy will just tell me the answer.
You might be tired of the word “fitness”. But I’m not.
You might think I’m scared of the word “CrossFit”. But you’re wrong.
You might think I’ll see rope climbs and think “abs”. But I don’t.
Tell me.
As the Storybrand podcast states, “If you confuse, you’ll lose.” And CrossFit websites are almost always too confusing. Your website isn’t art; it’s a gateway. make sure people can see through it.
(We like for CrossFit gym websites!)


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