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Episode 81 – Partnerships


Do you REALLY need a partner?

I would describe CrossFit as an owner/operator model. But many of us need a little extra push or need money at start up; or a security blanket; or just a kick in the butt. So we take a partner.

Today we talk about how to start a partnership; when you actually need a partner; and how to get out of a partnership gone bad.  Take good notes as this episode could save your sanity and your partnership!


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In this Interview:

  • My partnership experiences and lessons learned
  • What are the first steps to starting a partnership?
  • How to get out of a bad partnership?




  • What role does the operating partner have within the partnership
  • Why you should use a thirds party to adjudicate the breakup of a partnership
  • How to define profit within your business and partnership agreement?












2:54 – Partnerships Introduction

3:37 – Chris Cooper’s partnership story and how he started his first gym

9:33 – First step to starting a partnership: Defining the roles and tasks of each partner

10:29 – Second step to starting a partnership: Assign a value to each item a partner brings

11:55 – Third step to starting a partnership: Defining what a perfect day for each partner is

13:11 – Fourth step to starting a partnership: Discuss how each partner is to be paid

13:42 – What is profit?

16:35 – Final step to starting a partnership: Defining how a partner exits the agreement

18:03 – Mapping out how decisions are made in a partnership in a fair manner

19:34 – Having a plan for everything that happens in advance

21:12 – Agreeing on pricing when engaged in a partnership

23:28 – Creating a feedback and accountability loop within your partnership

29:29 – The role of the operating partner within a partnership agreement

31:05 – Let’s say it’s time to get out. How to exit a partnership agreement.

34:57 – What to do when you have less money than your partner

37:42 – What to do when you have more money than your partner  

41:23 – How to end a partnership when no agreement is in place

44:12 – Signing a separation agreement when ending a partnership

45:18 – Using a third party to adjudicate the breakup of a company

48:35 – Two-Brain UK Summit Announcement



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