What does your audience really want?
In “Help First,” I walk through the process of building a business around its benefit to a client.
Large corporations survey clients to find “pain points,” then develop products to solve those problems. But we KNOW a lot of the problems clients  face: they need to lose weight, or resolve back pain, or play better sports.
My mentoring clients are taught to break down their demographics by need, not irrelevant data like age or sex. What needs can your business serve? What groups need help? And how can you best match that need?
General fitness solves a lot of problems. But very few people will come looking for you; you’ll have to tell them how you’ll solve their problem first.
In the top row, break down your potential markets.
In the left column, list the services you can provide (hint: if it’s “included with membership,” it’s not a separate service.)
Prioritize by potential benefit and ease of rollout. Mentoring clients use this chart to identify largest opportunities, and then work backward to put them in place. Sometimes, asking clients the right questions at intake can literally add $10,000 per month in a new revenue stream. But if you don’t know your audience, you can’t serve them best.
TwoBrain Opportunities


One more thing!

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