One Thing You Must Do DAILY: MYCF

For nearly 10 years, I’ve been telling people to “create more content!” and “write every damn day!” I’ve issued challenges, check-ins and accountability partners. I gave Two-Brain clients a few dozen reasons why (building authority, establishing the expertise of your coaches, familiarity, interest, re-engagement, conversion…).

But perhaps I haven’t given you a good EMOTIONAL reason. So let’s take it from the top: Your job as an entrepreneur is to grow your company. And the best way to grow your company is to make someone famous.

In the Founder Phase, you need to make yourself famous.

In the Farmer Phase, you need to make your clients famous (MYCF). And then yourself, too.

In the Tinker Phase, you need to make your team famous. And then your clients, and then yourself.

In the Thief Phase, you need to make your cause famous.

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At every level, you need to be devoted to putting someone on a pedestal and earning them fame. Since most readers of this blog are stuck in Farmer Phase, I’ll focus on Making Your Clients Famous.

Every day, identify one client and tell yourself, “I’m gonna make them famous today.” Then:

Put them on TV. Grab your phone, hold it up and say “Jill, I’m SO proud of you! I want to share your story with everyone I know! You ready? I’m hitting the record button…” and then hit the record button. Share it everywhere. You’ve created a media platform; put her in the spotlight. Take a selfie like you waited in line all day to see her.

Drop their name to three other people. Brag them up. “Hey, I’ve gotta tell you what Jill did this morning. She’d never done a double-under before, and today she linked FIVE! Isn’t that crazy?!” Tag her on social media like she’s a celebrity.

Put her name in print. Add Jill to your PR board for the week, and on Friday, have your Joy Girl call her. Ask her what’s NEXT. Interview her! Pretend you just won a competition, and the prize was to spend five minutes with Jill.

What’s the value of making your client famous?

  • No one else is.
  • They deserve it.
  • They’ll always talk about you.
  • Their friends will be jealous.
  • They’ll feel like a million bucks—and that’s why they pay you 200 bucks every month.
  • Social proof, referral, testimonial … all that stuff. It works. But do it because it’s the best thing you can do for the client today.

Zig Ziglar said, “No one loves anything more than seeing their name in print. The greatest compliment you can give someone is saying their name out loud.”
Get excited. They’re not YOUR fans; you’re THEIR fan. By some divine miracle, you’re also their coach. What can you do to inspire them to be their best today? Try putting them on a red carpet.


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