Why Two-Brain Uses One-on-One Mentorship

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I could give you 10 years of fitness-industry knowledge all at once.

Without exaggeration, I could lay out everything I’ve learned in the last decade and tell you exactly how to build a business that would get you to $1 million net worth in about four years.

But here’s the truth about building a great gym:

Knowledge is not enough. You must take action.

Here’s another truth that’s been proven to me time and again:

Entrepreneurs are most likely to take action when working with an expert mentor one on one.

So that’s what Two-Brain offers.

Courses and Group Mentorship

Two-Brain could sell access to a course and big-group mentorship. Lots of companies do this, and it’s very lucrative. Group mentorship scales fast and generates a lot of money.

But it doesn’t produce the best results—and I care about results more than I care about money.

In my early days mentoring gym owners, around 2012, I connected with them one on one. We got results. When I hit about 55 clients, my time was maxed but I still wanted to help more people. So I sold a course through another company I didn’t own.

Money rolled in, and I was happy for a few weeks—until people told me that the course was packed with essential knowledge but they didn’t act on that knowledge.

I was crushed, and I went back to delivering help the way that I had received it: one on one.

Working directly with a mentor had forced me to dig in and do the work, and my actions saved my business and improved my life dramatically. So that’s how I would mentor others.

Now, I have a huge team of mentors around the world, and they all work one on one with their mentees. They help gym owners set goals, they create plans to accomplish the goals, and they hold the gym owners accountable.

This plan produces results: The average gym owner who joins Two-Brain can reach income of $100,000 a year in two years, one month and nine days, regardless of starting point. This is hard data, not fiction.

The process to get to $100,000 net owner benefit runs through three phases of one-on-one mentorship: Stage 1, Stage 2 and Growth. All along the way, a trusted mentor guides the gym owner to success and provides support, the right tactical resources at the right time, and lots of accountability.

Elite-Level Entrepreneurship

Only in our fourth phase do we alter the approach: At the Tinker level, we use group mentorship so we can leverage the expertise and connections within a smaller group of skilled entrepreneurs.

When you’re making $100,000 a year from your gym or the net worth of all your assets is around $1 million, you have lots of options. It’s important for these elite entrepreneurs to be exposed to lots of world-class experts and hear about the tactics used by their peers.

Our Tinker group meets in person quarterly to hear from top business experts in various fields. At this stage of entrepreneurship, needs are so diverse and options are so numerous that no one expert has all the answers. So we use a group format, and we might present a real-estate expert followed by marketing expert followed by a crypto expert.

But we still facilitate smaller groups and networking, and clients have biweekly accountability check-ins with a coach. One-on-one accountability is still important at this level.

In our earlier stages of mentorship, we do everything one on one because I want you to have that strong bond with somebody who understands what you’re going through, who knows your numbers, and who knows what you did last month and what you must work on now.

That high-touch, high-frequency, one-on-one mentorship is essential until you’ve built a very wide base to your pyramid. It is without doubt the best way to get results fast as an entrepreneur.

Where to Start

Two-Brain has the largest data set in the entire industry, and we publish huge amounts of content on a host of platforms.

In fact, we publish so much free help that it’s possible to turn a gym business around just by consuming our free resources. But that almost never happens. Here’s what’s more common:

“I had already done a lot of the work prior to signing up—just listening to the free, low-hanging fruit: the podcast and the Gym Owners United Facebook group. But I needed more,” said Two-Brain client Jaime Silva.

“My mentor helped me organize and triage my business needs. Then I was able to connect all the free tools I had absorbed and connect the dots, which created the systems I currently use to train and hire staff and market under my voice and vision. This ultimately created the business I had always dreamed of owning.”

The knowledge is available, but only an expert can determine “the best thing to do right now.” I want to help all gym owners grow their businesses, so we give knowledge away for free—and I hope it helps!

But inaction is the most common result of too much knowledge. Or people do the wrong things at the wrong time. Or they reach a certain level and just can’t go any further alone.

That’s where a mentor comes in.

When you buy mentorship, you are buying speed.

An experienced mentor takes all the available knowledge and builds a model that will help you accomplish your business goals. The mentor supplies the resources you need in the right order and makes sure you execute so your gym can become a wealth-generating asset for the next 30 years.

It’s a streamlined, tactical, high-speed approach that will get you from A to B fastest.

Leighton and Joleen Bingham receive an award for $1 million net worth from Two-Brain founder Chris Cooper.

The proof? We’ve certified 48 millionaires so far, with more added to the list every month.

So I believe one-on-one mentorship gets the best results, just as I believe personal training helps gym clients reach goals faster. To take that simile one step further, group training is the budget option in a gym and when it comes to business coaching.

Knowledge is not enough. Action is the name of the game here, and a one-on-one relationship will produce the most action in the shortest amount of time.

If you want to take action and move fast, let’s talk about it.


One more thing!

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