2023 Profit Plan: Use Our Data to Grow Your Gym Fast

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Gym owners, we’re going to generate some additional profit for your business today.

This isn’t an exaggeration. If you keep reading and take action, your business will grow.

And don’t worry: I’ll provide hard data so you know I’m not blowing smoke.

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Two-Brain’s 2022 “State of the Industry” report is now out. It’s packed with all the data you need to improve your business dramatically. You can get the report for free here.

Key stat: In gyms that offer nutrition coaching, this revenue stream provides an average of 5 percent of total revenue.

Takeaway 1: If you don’t offer nutrition coaching at your gym, you could expect to add about 5 percent to your gross revenue if you start offering the service. If you pay the coach 4/9ths of program revenue, you will ensure that all costs are more than covered, and your profit will increase.

Takeaway 2: If your nutrition program is only contributing 5 percent to your gross revenue, you’re leaving money on the table. Remember: 5 percent is an average. Some gyms are generating way more than 5 percent.

More data:

  • In our survey, 6 percent of gym owners who offer nutrition coaching use their programs to generate 15 percent or more of gross revenue.
  • 18 percent of gyms use nutrition coaching to generate 10 percent or more of revenue.
  • 45 percent of gyms use nutrition coaching to generate 5 percent or more of revenue.

Additional details:

  • A nutrition-services program has very low overhead. You don’t need barbells and rowing machines and floor space. You don’t even need an office. The service can be delivered 100 percent online if you like.
  • Staffing costs can be completely covered by using the 4/9ths Model. That means your revenue will increase—but so will your profit.
  • It doesn’t take long to set up a simple but very effective nutrition program.
  • Two-Brain has an exact plug-and-play plan to help you add a nutrition program quickly. A mentor can walk you through it.

Everything you’ve just read is backed by data. But I see the same ads you see on Facebook. They’re full of nonsense, empty promises and BS. I know you’re skeptical.

So here’s more proof.

Watch the video below (or listen to this podcast). You’ll hear a real Two-Brain gym owner explain exactly how he uses simple but very effective nutrition coaching to generate about $8,000 a month for his business. You won’t get fluff or cryptic references to proprietary secrets. You’ll get actual data and insight from a real gym owner who is using Two-Brain tactics to run a profitable gym.

We Have Way More Data

Given the info above, I’d suggest you could use nutrition coaching to measurably increase your revenue and profit in 90 days or so. That timeline can be compressed significantly if you use Two-Brain’s templates and market the program correctly (we can help with that, too).

That’s a big deal—and I’ve only dug into a single stat from our 56-page report.

You can use our data-packed “State of the Industry” ebook to completely transform your business and make more money. If you don’t have it, you need it. It’s available for free here.

And if you want to hit the “easy button” and get access to guidance, complete plug-and-play revenue-generation plans, done-for-you resources and community support, book a call to talk about working with a mentor in 2023.


One more thing!

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