Two years ago on this podcast, I introduced Nicole Aucoin to CrossFit affiliates.

Nicole, an RD, was piloting a nutrition program at CrossFit Port Orange in Florida.
From that podcast, hundreds of nutrition programs were launched in CrossFit gyms, resulting in millions of dollars in new revenues.

More importantly, many of us are back in line with Greg Glassman’s vision of CrossFit gyms. As he said in Episode 93, “If you’re not changing your eating, you’re not doing CrossFit.”

The prescriptive model is a coaching model: we tell our clients exactly what to do to change their lives. We tell them when to squat, and how many times. But exercise alone won’t get the job done: they need nutrition, and they need to see YOU–their trusted coach–as the expert.
Enter Healthy Steps Nutrition, Nicole’s program.

HSN is led by a Registered Dietitian (Nicole). She’ll train one of your staff–creating a career opportunity for them, and an additional revenue stream for you–to deliver nutrition accountability to your clients.

Any good business plan for 2018 MUST start with the question, “What do my clients want NOW?” Nicole’s program ( can provide the answer for the 50% of your clients who want nutrition help–and probably aren’t getting it from you.

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