By the Numbers: Leading Them to Health

An overweight woman scrolling on her phone - by the numbers: leading them to health

If you don’t reach them, you can’t save them.

That’s why you need marketing.

In this series, I’m going to share what the best gyms in the world are doing to generate leads through advertising, as well as how they get those leads to book an appointment (and actually show up for it) and buy high-value memberships.

We track data from the best gyms in the world. No one else has this data.
Then we leaderboard the top gyms in each category, pick apart their businesses and tell our gym owners how they’re doing it. This is how Two-Brain builds our mentorship practice and courses.

Each month, I share a few of these data points publicly. This month, I’m going to share four metrics:

  • Leads
  • Set Rate
  • Show Rate
  • Close Rate

Sales: Funnels Vs. Chains

Some might call leads-set-show-close sequence your “advertising funnel.” I like to think of it as my “marketing chain” because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

For example:

If a gym gets 50 people to click on its website’s landing page for personal training in a month, that’s great.

If 10 of those people set up an appointment to talk about personal training, that’s pretty good (set rate).

If only three of those people actually show up for their appointment, that’s bad. (show rate).

And if all three of those who showed up end up buying a high-value personal-training package, that’s great (close rate).

Here it is graphically:

A marketing infographic using blue "people" icons to show 50 leads, 10 appointments, 3 shows and 3 closes.

If I’m looking for the “weakest link” in my marketing chain, it’s pretty obvious, right? The people who show up to their appointments always sign up. Unfortunately, only three out of 10 show up for their appointments. So my plan for next month is clear: improve my show rate.

How do I do that? Well, there are options. Talk to your mentor to go over them. (And later in this series, I’ll share how the gyms with the best show rate do it, too.)

Examining these numbers together can tell you how to make more money.

Mentorship: Analyze Then Act!

When you can see a problem clearly, you can solve that problem. That’s why we track your metrics and analyze them in the Two-Brain Dashboard.

And that’s why we’re a mentorship practice: Based on their diagnoses, our mentors can tell clients exactly what to do to move forward.

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One more thing!

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