How to Be More Valuable: Appreciation

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If you want to make more income, you must provide more value.

In this series, I’ve been sharing lessons from Bob Burg, author of “The Go-Giver.”

According to Burg, value has five components.

In Part 1, I shared the first two: excellence and consistency.

In Part 2, I shared the second two: attention and empathy.

The fifth element of value is appreciation.

Appreciation closes the loop on value. There are some obvious ways to show appreciation:

  • “Thank you.”
  • Big hugs.
  • Handwritten notes.
  • Quick texts.

You have to be consistent with these. But there are also less-obvious ways to increase value through appreciation.

Show Progress

The first way to grow value through appreciation is to reveal progress. Many people just don’t see the progress they’re making (it’s true in the gym and in business, too!). So you have to review their progress every quarter, at minimum.

If you’re using a system like Level Method, you can track a client’s progress in many different categories. But even if you’re not, simply having a Goal Review Session each quarter creates an opportunity to say, “Look how far you’ve come!”

Balloons and Confetti

The second way: Celebrate progress. You must make your clients famous. That means putting them on a podium in front of the cameras and saying, “You’re amazing!”

Many people read that strategy and think it’s a marketing gimmick. It’s not: It’s a value play.

Sarah doesn’t feel famous anywhere else. Nobody else puts Jamal’s picture on Facebook and says, “This man is awesome.” As the only person in their lives who says “you are doing great things,” you become very valuable to your clients.


The third way to grow value through appreciation: Reward the behavior you want.

Instead of offering 20 percent off for referrals, surprise clients who refer their friends with a thoughtful gift. This will show that you truly appreciate their vote of confidence instead of viewing their buddy as one more transaction.

The best show of gratitude is an in-person, hand-clasping, full-eye-contact “thank you. I truly appreciate it”—not a free month.

You’re valuable to your clients. Your thanks will be meaningful.

Don’t forget to thank people. Do it one at a time. But also give them a reason to celebrate themselves.

You’ll be the only one in their lives who does.

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