Microgym Myths: If You Build It…

A blueprint of a gym - Microgym Myths - if you build it

Your gym is an empty vessel waiting to be filled.

But no one will fill it except for you.

The bigger that vessel, the harder it is to fill.

“If you build it, they will come” is a myth.

And it’s a killer.

What Makes It a Myth?

The if-you-build-it myth is sticky because we want to believe that our job is simply to build a great gym and sell a great service. We want to believe people are out there looking for us and we can avoid the uncomfortable work of marketing and sales.

We also believe this myth because people we admire tell us it’s true. Every certification and course says, “Get this course and you’ll be a better trainer.” Some overtly say, “To make more money, you need to be a better coach.”

Equipment salespeople tell us we need more space. Marketing consultants tell us we need more clients. But the person who’s really fooling you is you. As gym owners, we want to believe that 150 people just like us are actively seeking the paradise we’ve built.

They’re not.

Our clients aren’t just like us. And they’re not out there waiting for us to open our “barbell nirvana.”

What’s the Real Answer?

Start with the income you want to earn. Learn how to do the Perfect Day exercise here or sign up for mentorship to be guided through it step by step.

Calculate the price you’ll need to charge. See the math here or work through it with a mentor.

Recruit the number of clients you need to earn that amount. Listen to our podcast on marketing or be guided through the process 1:1 with a marketing mentor.

Choose a space that will accommodate those clients. Read exactly how to do that here or sign up with a mentor to get some backup.

Do it in stages if you can. Download our editable business plan for gym owners here or for personal trainers here—or sign up for mentorship and plan your year in advance.

What Should You Do?

Chances are you didn’t start your gym with these numbers in mind. That means you have to work toward this model from where you are now.

That’s what mentors do: They help you identify the changes you need to make and prioritize those changes. They guide you to the material and education you need and then walk beside you as you change.

Start by calculating the numbers above.

Audit your space and equipment. Do you really need all of it? Do you need more?

Change your mindset about programming: Read “Benefits-Based and Features-Based Programming.”

Build a gym for your clients, not for yourself—and not for the marketers or equipment companies.

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One more thing!

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