Maximizing ROI on Mentorship

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The value of mentorship snowballs over time.

The changes you make with your mentor will echo for decades—throughout the life of your business and your career.

Imagine making an extra $10,000 per month for the rest of your career. That’s what our top gym owner is doing right now by generating return on investment (ROI) in mentorship. Here’s the list:

A leaderboard graphic showing the top 10 gyms by ROI on mentorship, from over $2,500 to over $10,000.

Now, you’ve probably heard stuff like this before:

“I got $12k new MRR this month!”

That’s “monthly recurring revenue,” and you know it won’t last. One marketing tactic, though powerful in the moment, usually runs its course in three to four months.

Or maybe you’ve heard this one:

“I had 40 people commit to a year-long contract this month!”

And you know that 70 percent of those people won’t actually pay out their full contracts. Trust me: It happens in gyms—and with the many “biz coaches” out there.

But knowledge compounds. Leadership compounds. Experience compounds.

Here’s what our top ROI earners said they do to maximize the return on their investment in mentorship:

Invest and Grow

Every time you fix a painful mistake, you ensure you won’t repeat it.

Every time you upgrade your team, you ratchet up your value.

Every additional month you keep a client is a month in which they’ll see more progress, refer more friends, and contribute more value to your community and your bottom line.

All these things multiply one another. That’s the value of mentorship.

In the next post in this series, I’m going to teach you how to get a better ROI on everything in your business—your team, your software, your space. And in Part 3, I’m going to tell you how to pick the best mentor for you (it might not be me).

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