Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper

If Chris Cooper has a superpower, it’s the ability to make mistakes faster than anyone else. Fortunately, none have been fatal, and they can help OTHER gym owners build happier lives.

Chris is the owner of CrossFit Catalyst and IgniteGym, as well as several other small businesses. When Catalyst ran into trouble in 2008, Chris borrowed money to hire a mentor, and began recording everything he learned on his first blog,

Four hundred blog posts later, Chris was invited to speak at a gym seminar in Florida. He compiled the best blog posts into his first book—“Two-Brain Business”—which has gone on to become the bestselling fitness business book of all time.

He began mentoring gyms in early 2012. Soon after, he was invited to work as a journalist for CrossFit Inc. for a year, and he began traveling around the world on the CrossFit for Hope and other projects. In 2015, he focused on writing two other books—“Two-Brain Business 2.0” and “Help First.” In 2016, he launched to make gyms more profitable. In 2019, he published another book: “Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief.”

“A mentoring program isn’t one system of X,Y,Z. It’s the sum of systems. A mentor knows when one strategy can help you, and when it has stopped helping, which strategy to pursue next.”

Chris brings a “big picture” perspective unmatched by anyone in the industry. After thousands of hours spent one on one with gym owners, hundreds of blog posts and more interviews than he can recall, Chris shares his best lesson with gym owners through the Incubator and is now focused on building a team that can help 1 million entrepreneurs find success.