Your Post-Summit Media Challenge

Two-Brain Business mentor Kourtney Brownlow takes a selfie with a crowd of gym owners at the Two-Brain Summit in 2024.

Ever wondered if you’re screaming into the void on social media?

I can assure you of this: People are watching and listening.

We produce a lot of media at Two-Brain Business. Our daily output is very high on a host of platforms, and we track metrics carefully. But you don’t always know if your media is making a difference at ground level.

Does a single Instagram view mean anything?

Well, that view might be attached to a very special person. I met lots of them in Chicago at the Two-Brain Summit.

A head shot of writer Mike Warkentin and the column name "Pressing It Out."

Over three days and the recent summit, I talked to many coaches and gym owners, and I got a ton of feedback on Two-Brain’s media output.

It was thrilling to connect with members of the audience to find out what they had seen, what they like and what they want more of (we’re creating it already!).

All the conversations reminded me that audience building and content creation have incredible value—even if it isn’t obvious immediately.

At the gym level, it’s very common to make a short, frantic investment in content creation, then fall off because you’re “not seeing results.” I understand: Publishing regularly is tough when you don’t get 500 likes, 100 comments and 50 DMs on every post.

But people are listening. (Thanks to everyone who reminded me of that in Chicago!)

If you keep telling your gym’s story every day and offering free help, you will connect with people. And eventually they’ll become members.

It’s a long game, but it’s worth playing.


The worst thing you can do: Publish inconsistently. That’s a waste of time, and you won’t get any results with a half-assed commitment to content.

The best thing: Make a publishing schedule for your gym business and stick to it. Start with four posts a week: one blog, podcast or video, plus three related social media posts. That’s a great start.

The eventual target: Publish one thing every day.

That might feel like a lot, but here’s another tip based on many conversations at the summit:

You don’t have to overthink it, and you don’t have to create a masterpiece every single time. You just have to get something out the door.

Protip: Just post pictures and videos of smiling clients, and break that up with simple health and fitness tips. That’s it. This plan can be executed in five minutes a day.

Real results: One of our top gym owners uses a very simple plan like this, and he produces some of the best metrics in the entire Two-Brain family. He doesn’t overthink it. He just has staff members publish basic, on-brand posts regularly. And his key performance indicators are off the chart—that’s proof you can use a simple media plan to support a well-run gym.

Businesses that publish inconsistently look dead.

Businesses that publish daily look vibrant, and those that show off happy “people like me” eventually acquire clients through media. Lots of them.

My Challenge

My post-summit media challenge to you is this:

  • Create a simple posting schedule that works for you—minimum four pieces of content per week.
  • Generate content fast—when in doubt, take a pic of smiling clients and explain why they’re smiling.
  • Publish according to the schedule for three months without fail.
  • Ask all leads and new members how they heard about your gym, and make note of references to your content. If a new member says a certain post motivated them to take action, make more posts just like it.
  • Scale up publishing when you’ve nailed the schedule for three months and are starting to hear that your content is connecting with members of your audience.

If you stick to that plan, you’re going to discover the value of consistent media output.

And then you’ll have motivation to scale up just a little—with an eventual goal of getting out one piece of content per day.

To start connecting with your audience today, go publish something right now. Literally walk into the gym, take a picture of the first smiling person you see, and post it.

Then do the same thing tomorrow!


One more thing!

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