Episode 124: www.twobrainmarketing.com


“But Cooper HATES lead generation, doesn’t he?”


We get that a lot. I teach retention first, then sales mastery (“Help First”), then Affinity Marketing. I do it this way because many entrepreneurs are too focused on the magical appearance of digital marketing, and they lose sight of the low-hanging fruit.


But when you’re great at retention; when you’ve practiced your conversion strategy; and when you deliver an excellent service, by all means: open the floodgates!


Enter TwoBrainMarketing.com.


For several years, I’ve been searching for a way to introduce this service to gym owners the RIGHT WAY. No bait-and-switch stuff, no free weeks or bad targeting. I spent a year traveling to visit Facebook marketing experts. Then I spent $70,000 with various agencies to provide a “done-for-you” answer. And then I did what I should have done from the start; I used the strategy that I use for every single module and lesson in TwoBrain. I asked, “Who is actually doing this really, really well at their gym?”


In other words, who has the knowledge and credibility in the fitness industry? Who can prove that what they’re doing WORKS in their gym?


Enter John Franklin and Mateo Lopez.


John and Mateo joined TwoBrain two years ago. They had leads and revenue, but wanted business systems and processes to pay coaches, run their business more effectively, and keep clients longer. They’ve spent well over $80,000 learning effective lead gen. And they USE IT at their gyms. They’re not armchair experts.


Best of all: they’re amazing teachers.


The biggest lesson that I’ve ever learned about digital marketing is this: there’s no single template that works for everyone. You need to know the basics, and you need a mentor. You need to track your metrics. You need to be coached in sales first. And you need to screw it up a few times, then learn how to fix it.


The skills these guys teach in TwoBrainMarketing are skills every entrepreneur needs in the new economy. They’re skills that Founders and Farmers will keep for LIFE. And I’m proud to put the TwoBrain name on their program.


We’re now taking registrations for our combination Incubator+Marketing program! Click here for details, or visit www.twobrainmarketing.com to book a free call and talk about it with Mateo.


If you were at the Summit, you know these guys are a lot of fun. If you’re already in their marketing group, you know the ROI on their lessons is amazing. But if you haven’t met them yet, you’re going to love this podcast, and probably ask for more.

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