Marketing: Taking Courses Vs. Taking Action

From a cluster of lines, one line emerges and points to the words "take action."

I’m not into sales courses.

I’m not saying they don’t have any value. They can help.

But mentorship has more value when it comes to sales and marketing. I want to offer clients the best results at the greatest speed, and I don’t like half measures.

For example, I could ask all the marketing experts on the Two-Brain team to create an amazing, world-class, definitive advertising and sales course for gym owners. We could build it fast and market it to the public. I know it would sell.

But would all that knowledge help you improve your gym?

You’d get something out of the course for sure, but I bet you’d be overwhelmed with all the things you could do or perhaps should do. Instead of doing “the best thing right now,” you might just do “something.”

And there’s a good chance you’d do nothing.

I know this because I sold a course to help gym owners fix their businesses a long time ago. When the people who took the course failed to take action and get results, I started offering one-on-one mentorship instead.

I know mentorship produces action because I saved my failing gym business only by working one on one with a mentor.

We have a mountain of sales resources for Two-Brain clients—enough to fill several marketable courses for outside gym owners. But we don’t just send our clients into the pile, and we don’t offer the pile to the public.

Instead, we tell our clients exactly which tool to use when, and we ask them if they completed the assigned tasks.

We do that because it gets measurable results.

You Are Different

This week, I’ve been showcasing our Top 10 leaderboards for set rate, show rate and close rate in February 2024. Every time I present a leaderboard, I give you direct quotes from the gym owners who earned spots.

You get to hear exactly what they did to reach the elite ranks in a mentorship practice that serves 1,000 gyms.

You might have noticed that some gyms use different tactics than others.

For example, some are focusing on perfecting their Facebook ads, while others are working hard to improve response time when a lead enters the funnel. Others are alone in their sales office filming themselves as they practice free consultations. And a few are hiring salespeople.

That variety is to be expected: We offer mentorship instead of a bolt-on system that prescribes one method for everyone.

Your gym is different, and you are different.

The sales and marketing strategies you use should be carefully curated for your preferences, culture and style.

A mentor can guide you to the strategies that will work for you.

Even better, a mentor can help you track progress toward your goal and adjust the plan as needed. Along the way, you’ll get messages like this:

  • “Did you practice closing sales in free consultations five times today?”
  • “Did you adjust your website so the ‘book a consultation’ link is more prominent?”
  • “Did you use our cut-and-paste scripts to create lead-nurturing automations?”

You won’t get that in a course. You’ll just get knowledge. I want action, too, because that’s what actually gets results.

You don’t get any new clients just for taking a course.

You only get new clients when you take action.

To improve your sales and marketing—and the rest of your business—let’s talk about mentorship.


One more thing!

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