Our Highest Paid Gym Owners Spill the Tea

One gym owner whispers a secret in the ear of another next to an exercise machine.

Our top gym owners earned between $48,645 and $113,805 USD in the three-month period running from January to March 2024.

We present one-month averages on our leaderboards, but to get that data we track net owner benefit (NOB) over three months. We want to present sustainable numbers, not one-hit wonders.

For example, we don’t want fill the leaderboard with owners who take single $50,000 payments in one month but don’t earn anything for the rest of the year.

We want to show reliable, sustainable income.

One of our leaders did have a larger payment in one month, but it was balanced by significant payments in the other two months we included in our rolling three-month averages. He still would have made the Top 10 without that lump payment.

Another leader reported his number is actually lower than normal because he didn’t take a distribution in a month.

One leader said his NOB is actually down a little from previous highs because he hired a GM to greatly increase his free time. That reduction in financial benefit has a huge time benefit—and brilliant entrepreneurs with free time tend to use it generate more income or greatly influence the communities around them. (I love it when great gym owners have money and free time!)

Another leader has sustained this income level for a couple of years, and she’s a model of consistency.

The point: The leaderboard you’re about to see shows monthly numbers that are sustainable.

I don’t like to project. Stuff like this is too common in our industry: “His gym made $50,000 in one month and he’s on track to crack $600,000 for the year!”

Except the $50,000 month was the result of a bait-and-switch marketing campaign and all the clients demanded refunds in Month 2.

Be that as it may, the fifth-place gym owner on our board earned $19,116. That will be $229,392 in a year.

I feel confident in that prediction because I know how these gym owners earned this money—and I’ll tell you how they did it.

First, here’s the leaderboard:

A top 10 leaderboard for net owner benefit for March 2023: It runs from $16,215 to $37,935.

And here’s why the leaders are the leaders:

Systems: We focus on “consistent client success, processes, standards and high-quality staffing/coaching.”

Systems/Mentorship: “We haven’t really done anything different from what Two-Brain teaches. We have just been operating for a long time and have been able to refine our systems and processes.”

Systems/Mentorship: “We don’t really do much different than is taught.”

Systems/Mentorship: “We are pretty simple in following Two-Brain Business.”

Systems/Investment in Staff: “We do have online training modules that help ascend our newer staff, providing them with a pretty good level of base knowledge so that we can maximize the time we do spend training them in person.”

Focus on Avatar: “I don’t do any nutrition work, and we’re very anti-competitive. So we really focus on bringing in beginners and folks that haven’t felt at home in more competitive gyms.”

Average revenue per member (ARM): “I’ve most focused on climbing up the value ladder and increasing ARM. By doing this, I’m only performing high-value roles, and a high ARM gives me a better NOB.”

ARM: “We focus on high-value services like PT and nutrition to make sure we have a high ARM. We are super consistent in all areas.”

ARM: “We added higher-level services to maximize our gym utilization via individualized design.”

ARM: “We are in the process of moving all PT clients to membership, which will … create consistency and predictability in revenue.”

You’ll note a lot of our leaders said similar things.

And you might note that many say, “We follow the Two-Brain plan.”

That plan works, and it produces sustainable numbers like the ones on our leaderboard.

That same plan can help you earn more from your business. Your first target is $100,000 a year or $8,333 a month. Once you hit that, we’ll help you set your next income goal, and we’ll tell you how to hit it.

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One more thing!

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