Levelling Up

By Chris 2

This is an abridged version of the “Owner To Entrepreneur” presentation. The speech is almost 60 minutes in its entirety and was given at the 2016 TwoBrain Summit. To see our other seminars, click here.

FFTF: How Much Should a Fitness Coach Earn? | Two-Brain Business

[…] the “Leveling Up” presentation, I broke down types of work by levels. Coaches fall into Level 3; gym owners […]

Profit and Happiness | Two-Brain Business

[…] This is exactly how our Mentorship works: we get some of the best people in the world (gym owners) to their “Perfect Day.” We help them achieve the first few levels of happiness (security and prosperity; more than enough for themselves.) But we don’t stop there. Successful gym owners are then taught how to expand their services to help more people. Different types of “work” make different people happy. In this short slideshow, I explore the various types of work and thinking. I’ll be covering this topic in my next book, “Leveling Up”, but this is great food for thought: Leveling Up Slideshow: Owner to Entrepreneur […]

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