Jason Khalipa, Jonathan Goodman, Carrie Wilkerson to Speak at Two-Brain Summit

Jason Khalipa speaking on stage at the 2023 Two-Brain Summit.

The Two-Brain Summit has featured some incredible speakers over the years, but the lineup for the 2024 event is our best yet.

The speakers you’ll see onstage in Chicago in June include some of the biggest names in the fitness industry, and their words are exactly what gym owners need to hear right now.

Our theme this year is “virtuosity,” and each speaker was selected to help you become an elite entrepreneur.

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Jason Khalipa

Jason is back for a second year after he and the NCFIT crew killed it at the summit in 2023.

The 2008 CrossFit Games champion and entrepreneur has a ton of infectious energy, and he’s going to share his experiences to help you build a better business.

Jason will tell his tale of swift empire building, calculated contraction and then rebuilding with additional strength. That process taught Jay how to focus on the most important parts of a business, and you’ll learn how to identify and strengthen the essential pillars of your gym.

If you flew in, just saw Jason and left, I’m confident you’d say, “That was worth it.”

Jonathan Goodman

A portrait headshot of Jonathan Goodman.

Jonathan Goodman works with trainers all around the world, and he’s got an incredible social media presence. The creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center, Jonathan has developed a host of programs and written 11 books.

“Ignite the Fire” is Amazon’s top-ranked book for trainers, and his “Wealthy Fit Pro” series has helped a ton of coaches build better careers in fitness.

Big news: Jonathan will have copies of his upcoming book “The Obvious Choice” available—and we’ll give a pile of them away.

Jonathan’s biggest insight: People who buy from you buy a lot—if you know your client avatar and provide everything these great people need to solve their problems.

Remember: You don’t need every client. You need the right clients.

Jonathan’s talk is going to provide huge ROI: You’ll be able to listen, take action and generate more revenue fast.

Carrie Wilkerson

A portrait headshot of Carrie Wilkerson.

Carrie’s my business mentor, and she’s already wowed our Tinker mastermind group for top gym owners. Now I want to share her wisdom with a huge group of fitness entrepreneurs.

Carrie is the author of “The Barefoot Executive,” and she’s going to explain how her “Three Margins” concept can help you build an impressive business and live a fulfilling life.

Carrie has a wealth of experience: She literally coaches the business coaches who coach the business coaches, and I can’t wait for you to engage with her.

Get Tickets Today

I’ve got more speaker announcements to come, but I’ll tell you this now:

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