Off-the-Charts ARM: Our July Leaderboard for Revenue Per Member

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When we presented our leaderboard for average revenue per member in February, only the Top 5 were over $400.

In July, the entire Top 10 leaderboard scored $430 or better.

This is great news: It shows that gym owners are learning how to earn more.

Our leaders are also showing us that dramatic changes are possible in relatively short amounts of time if they have support and guidance.

One top gym owner said they can push this number much higher in the future. Another said their number has almost doubled in less than 12 months.

So wherever you’re at, know that your ARM can be increased.

But maybe you don’t know how to do that. No problem. I can help. I wrote a simple guide with 20 tactics you can use today to increase ARM. It’s available in the Gym Owners United group. Ask for it, and I’ll send it to you.

We also interviewed the gym owners on our leaderboard and asked them how they achieved their results. Their answers are below.

First, the Top 10 leaderboard for July (we reveal the names of the gyms in our private group for clients):

A top 10 leaderboard for average revenue per member in gyms—from $430 to $679.

And here’s what the owners had to say about their numbers:

“We stick to our pricing … . When we have a slow month, we don’t throw out discounts. We anticipate that ebb and flow.”

“We are a small-group and PT studio. We have about 20-25 group memberships at about $225 per month, and $960-$1,440 per month for the PT clients. When they come in, they have in mind what they want, and I ask them what help they need.”

“We’ve really only begun to scratch the service on where we can go. These small, incremental gains have increased ARM by about $120 over the last six months. … We increased our price point and added new services, including nutrition services. We started it in October of last year. When anyone comes in with a body-comp goal, we package that as a six-month commitment—fitness and nutrition together. Before Two-Brain, the price was $540 per month, and now it’s $790. I’m the only one that offers these services in our area.”

“I was able to give staff a raise because of price corrections.”

“We value our time such that we charge appropriately for our service, and thanks to Two-Brain mentorship we have good systems to set proper expectations throughout our clients’ journeys.”

“Since we’ve made some changes to processing and gone to a subscription-based model, this is the ARM we’ve come to have. And we’re PT almost exclusively. Our rates for PT are three times per week for $1,000 monthly and twice per week for $700 monthly. We also added on a lower tier with individualized programming in a semi-private program. … The plan is to fill these sessions to four clients per hour.”

“We sell PT and semi-private only. … I’ve become pretty strict about nutrition. If you have a fat-loss goal, I’m direct that I am not promising any sort of results without adding nutrition.”

“ARM has almost doubled since starting in Sept. … Kilo has helped with this, getting the right person in front of you. The website and the No Sweat Intro process help to stand out. Working through the conversation with the NSI has helped. … I share with the prospect the features, then the value of them. A hurdle that I faced: I was projecting my budget onto the clients.”

“We’re 80 percent PT, and we get the PT clients in about twice a week. … We give a prescription at the NSI: ‘We have many options. Based on what you’ve shared with me, here is what I recommend for you.’ If they object, then we look at the next best option.”

“We increased prices about 9 percent.”

“Kilo is a must have—increased efficiency of lead nurturing and sales processes. We replaced Mailchimp for marketing emails, using the long-term client nurture to help schedule goal reviews. We use the notes for confirming appointments. That definitely aids in time saving and efficiency.”

“Goal reviews, they are critical.”

“Something unique to us: We have a large number of pricing options—everything from monthly membership for access only to quarterly training packages (three months of twice a week). No nutrition options.”

“I’m fortunate that I sublease and I’m a one-man show. I’ve increased the rates several times since September. … Joining Two-Brain is the best thing I’ve done professionally!”

“We really key in on the avatar.”

Drive Up Your Number

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