Monster (Recurring) Revenue: January Leaderboard

A giant T-rex dinosaur stands behind huge stacks of gold coins.

Our monthly revenue leaders for January 2024 took in between $58,330 and $125,606 USD, with five different countries represented on the leaderboard.

Those numbers are great—but here’s what’s better: They’re sustainable.

I get worried when I see a gym owner have one great month and make an annual projection based on a glorious 30-day stretch.

“If we can keep this up, we’ll gross $500,000”—except they can’t keep it up.

For example, we work with one affiliate owner who once used a trending marketing technique to gross over $32,000 in one month. It was an all-time high, and $32,000 a month for 12 months is $384,000.

Except that gym owner never cracked $300,000 in annual revenue and couldn’t afford to pay himself a dime before we helped him optimize his business.

Now the owner is using a more sustainable model to produce consistent, predictable monthly revenue with a much better profit margin. And he’s earning more than $100,000 a year.

Don’t misunderstand: There’s nothing wrong with a standout month. You’ll have one “best month” every year, and you should feel great about it.

The problem comes when you base your annual plan on a one-hit-wonderful monthly revenue total.

The revenue numbers from our Top 10 gyms are sustainable, and that makes me happier than the actual numbers themselves:

A top 10 revenue leaderboard for January 2024, from $58,000 to $125,000.

We interviewed the owners of these gyms, and here’s what they had to say about their January numbers:

“This should be around our baseline now as we’ve been focusing on increasing average revenue per member.”

“The numbers are not extraordinary; we are just doing the basic things well.”

“Our February revenue is looking like it was $57,000/$58,000, so looking like this trend should continue.”

“It’s actually quite ‘normal’ for us to be around this—+/-$7,000 USD, actually.”

And here’s a good one from a unique gym owner who has some seasonal fluctuations in revenue but plans for it (and still posts Top 3 numbers in “down months”): “We are on our way down from highs in November, (when apparel sales are very high). Also, we are delayed being paid for bigger-ticket items that rolled to another month.”

Sustainable, Consistent Revenue

I want your gym to last for 30 years or more. I want it to help thousands of clients, create careers for staff, and provide financial and time freedom for you.

That won’t happen with one great month.

But it will happen if you consistently generate the revenue you need and maintain a great profit margin (we target 33 percent).

If you had a spectacular January—many gyms do—congratulations!

If you want to learn how to hold onto the “January joiners,” acquire more high-value clients throughout the year and generate revenue in slow months to produce an amazing annual total, book a call here.


One more thing!

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