By the Numbers—December 2021: More Revenue

A leaderboard showing the top 10 revenue-generating gyms in December 2021, from $43,000 to $71,000.

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Above, you can see our revenue leaders for December 2021.

Here’s their top advice to help you:

“We adjusted the rates and structure of our youth program—it was drop in. Now it’s been revamped to be semi-private, 4-5 kids max with one coach. It was $12-13 and now it’s $25-$30 (per) person.”

“We developed the team-training side of our business: an academy for hockey and soccer teams. Partnerships were always in the works, and we had time to dig into them during lockdowns.”

“We converted some cancellations to online training (people who were moving or travelling to a warmer climate) instead of cancelling them.”

“We added an accountability-only program. I show up on Zoom and give them a workout to do, then check in later to see if they’ve done it. That’s really all they need from me.”

“We have a pretty ‘high-ticket’ intro program. In the No Sweat Intro, we say: ‘I know this is high ticket, and it would be easy for me to sell you a membership and throw you in the gym, but that’s not going to get you to your goals.’ I like those conversations, and they need to hear it, not be sold a dream. I ask them: ‘Are you not sick and tired of not being where you want to be?'”

“The biggest difference since August is that we have hired another PT and filled his schedule with new clients.”

“We brought Gym Lead Machine into the mix, (which) created the ease of being able to click through and book PT. That system, the ease with which it works, funnels everything in so we don’t lose those pieces. All the PT that has come in has been from external … . GLM provided a direct avenue for that to come into the gym.”

“We offer a members-only holiday gift card that … members can gift: Members can buy four one-on-one sessions called Virtuosity for $99 (heavily discounted) to give to their close contacts. Historically, we converted 70 percent. We lose money (invest in loss) in the beginning, but we are hedging the bet based on our ability to convert and retain. We won’t know this year’s data until after March (they have until March to redeem).”

Focus on the Basics

There are many ways to generate revenue, but they all come back to the basics: Offer people what they want, charge what you’re worth, and put the right people in place to do it.

CORRECTION—Jan. 31, 2022, 9:55 a.m.: A previous version of this post reported that the stats were from January 2022. They are from December 2021.


One more thing!

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