It's Two-Brain Day!

Today is the second anniversary of!
I started mentoring gym owners in 2012, after the publication of my first book, Two-Brain Business. For several years, my service was sold through a website company. But I thought I could provide a deeper, more valuable experience by focusing on 1:1 mentorship instead of selling video modules. I knew a personal mentorship was more work, and didn’t “scale” the way software does. But I also knew that a personal mentoring relationship is the ONLY thing that works for founders in the personal relationship business.
On February 13, 2016, over fifty gym owners followed me into the desert. Within 24 hours, other consulting companies offered me a job selling their stuff (I declined). Within a week, Ken, Dani and Jay started their own journey toward mentorship, and Brian and Larris soon followed. Today, Two-Brain is the largest fitness mentoring practice in the world.
Our motto and practice is “First with the head | Then with the heart | Then with the hands.” Here’s what it means:
First with the head: we use data to drive our decisions. We don’t guess. And we have the largest data set in the world, growing daily.
Then with the heart: making the right decision is only half of doing the right thing. Change must be delivered with empathy and care.
Then with the hands: knowledge without action is useless. Mentorship means you’ll take ACTION.
Education, empathy, accountability. Head, heart, hands. In that order.
Today, members of the Two-Brain Family are getting a little extra homework. And many of them will fly the Two-Brain flag on social media. When you see it, know that they’re working HARD to make the fitness movement stronger for everyone–even those owners who aren’t in the family yet. Join them or don’t, but thank them anyway: they’re raising the standard of care and pushing the standard of delivery higher.
The first two years of Two-Brain was spent righting ships: over 380 gyms in the Incubator, over 800 free calls with gym owners who asked for a bit of help, over 700 free articles, podcasts, videos and ebooks. This next year will be spent arming our Navy with stronger weapons and better armor. Keeping gyms afloat is no longer enough; it’s time to storm the beaches of professional practice in the industry.
It’s time to build 30-year boxes. Time to show you the millionaires, and how they did it. Time to turn fitness jobs into perfect days.
And it’s time–finally–to do it the RIGHT way. Not by slimy sales tactics or bait-and-switch marketing. Not by creating supplement funnels or tricking staff into ownership. Not by avoiding the real work, but by real education, real care, and real action. Head, heart, hands.
Thank you to CrossFit and Greg for their support, even if it’s not always overt. Thank you to our wives, husbands and kids for the permission to work as hard as we can. And thank you, gym owner, for being worth it. Keep saving lives, and we’ll keep supporting yours.


One more thing!

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