What Gym Owners Have to Say About the Intramural Open

A group of happy people celebrate backlit by sunshine.

If you follow our plan, the Intramural Open can be a flagship annual event at your gym.

And I don’t mean it’s just something fun that your members look forward to each year.

I mean the Intramural Open can be a key part of your retention, revenue-generation and relationship-building plans.

That’s a far cry from competition seasons past, in which frazzled gym owners worked way too much for five weeks straight and crawled out of Open season with a headache and an empty gas tank.

Our 2023 Intramural Open guide will ensure you:

  • Generate all the feelz, celebrate your members and acquire marketing assets that are usable all year.
  • Add revenue through registrations and retail sales.
  • Add revenue through pre- and post-event programs.
  • Connect with friends and family of competitors to grow your audience.
  • Use goal reviews to capitalize on the emotions competition creates.

I’ve used the Intramural Open with great success at my gym. Thousands of gym owners around the world have used it, too.

Here’s what some Two-Brain gym owners have to say about it:

“The single greatest event in terms of engagement and revenue we do all year! So much so we do it twice.”

“Oh my goodness! It is the most fun thing we do all year! The members look forward to it all year and our retention rate is always near 100%. I get to thank my staff for their extra work at the end of the the open too! It is a win-win!”

“Our keys to success in generating revenue and improving retention through the Intramural Open have been both preemptive planning and follow-through post-event. We earn some revenue on apparel sales for the event itself, but the real opportunities are found in how we use the Open as an anchor. We host movement and nutrition workshops leading up to it. Following the Open, we capitalize on clients’ newly identified gaps in their fitness to offer specialty courses. The clients that participate in the Intramural Open have the time of their lives with their friends. They purchase our additional service offerings—(average revenue per member) increases. They stay for years to keep progressing in their health and fitness journey—(length of engagement) increases. Everybody wins.”

“I found the Intramural Open before joining Two-Brain, and it … generated us a bunch of revenue, and gave us an annual camaraderie/spirit-building event that members and coaches actually look forward to. It’s super rare to have something ‘competitive’ be so much fun for our ‘non-competitive’ people.”

“We did competition wrong for a lot of years, and it became stressful for coaches and competitors. When we started to emphasize fun and camaraderie with the Intramural Open, more people participated and had a better time. The teams also really helped members get to know each other. It was a huge retention win to see friendships forming and people acquiring new ‘workout buddies.'”

“I’ve learned over the years that our members love it for the camaraderie and support it shows over the actual competition. So for those reasons, I love it now too.”

You Deserve to Profit

We put out the Intramural Open guide every year because we want to make gym owners successful. If we do that, they can help their clients live longer and happier lives.

Competition done sparingly can make gyms stronger and encourage clients to keep working on their health. But competition done at the gym owner’s cost—a cost of finance, energy and time—doesn’t help anybody long term. The reality is if you put on a great show for your clients for five weeks and then you’re burned out, it’s going to show, and you’re going lose all your momentum.

Use our plan to ensure competition helps you build a strong, stable business so you can serve your clients for decades.

Click here for our detailed 2023 Intramural Open Guide.


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