The Indirect Ask: A Zero-Cost, Guilt-Free Way to Get More Business

A mug of coffee next to a computer - the indirect ask

By Colm O’Reilly, Certified Two-Brain Fitness Business Mentor

The “indirect ask” is a great way of generating business through people you know.

If your gym is reopening after post-pandemic restrictions, send this message to everyone in your town:

Hey [NAME], my gym is back open on [DATE]. Who do you know who’d benefit from what we do? 

If your gym is already open, you can re-word the message like this:

Hey [NAME], I’m able to take on [X] more members at my gym this month. Who do you know who’d benefit from what we do? 

Why does this approach work? You’re asking for a favor, and people like to do favors for others.

Second, because you’re not directly soliciting their business, they’re more open to considering your service themselves. Very often, you’ll get a response with a person saying he or she could benefit from your service personally. From there, guide the person to an intro and see what service is the best fit. 

It will cost a little time to personalize each message. And yes, this personalization is important—don’t just copy and paste the message!

Aside from this small time cost, this tactic is a zero-spend way to get the word out and acquire interested leads who already have a connection to your business.

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