I'm REALLY Bad At This…

I write about social proof all the time. When considering any service, you ask yourself, “Does someone like me do something like this?”
Maybe it’s my age (over 40) or maybe it’s my shy Canadian breeding, or maybe it’s my inner farmer, but I’m REALLY bad at trumpeting client success. After all, it’s theirs–not mine–to share, or not share. I value confidentiality over anything else.
My web conversions expert, Raphael, gets so upset. Here’s the stuff he writes to me:
“You have the best-selling book of all time. You’ve done over 1200 free calls to help gym owners. Over 330 have graduated from your program. Why isn’t that on your website?!?” I can almost hear him swearing (in French) from here.
Every Friday, I get over 80 gym owners sharing their weekly “bright spots”. I could share these, but I don’t, because the practice of gratitude is for THEIR benefit, not mine. Having a mentor is about the client; not the mentor.
Just yesterday, I got both of these:
“just got our draft year-end statements. Year over year, we added $61,000 in gross profit but only $22,000 in expenses. Overall, that generated a 300% increase in net profit”–plus his wife’s salary on TOP of profit.
“Wanted to personally THANK-YOU for everything. [My wife] just emailed her nursing manager giving her notice to be casual (only “work” 2x month) starting Oct 2nd. Wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for your help/guidance!
I’m forever grateful – and so our are 8 kids!!!”
Me: Wow! Congrats!!! I’m proud of you!
Him: “Dude – my wife don’t work – I have $15k in savings – bought a newer pickup – and am planning a 3 day getaway for [my wife] and I while grandparents have kids. Last year at this time I had just [lost a coach] and was coaching 60 hours/week just making ends meet! Miracles happen if u trust the process.”
My first instinct was to congratulate them, and then add their emails to my personal “bright spots” list. But today, I’m sharing them, because I’m bad at it.
I’m sharing these because I’m PROUD of the folks who wrote them. Success in business is infinitely harder than success in CrossFit competitions. The great news is that you don’t need special genetics (or sponsors) to win.
The testimonials on the TwoBrain site were freely given, without request. That inspires me to write unsolicited testimonials for other small businesses–and I’ll do so after I send you this letter.
Here’s my big question: are you better at asking for testimonials than I am? I hope so…but I probably won’t change.


One more thing!

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