Episode 83 – 3 Tactics To Self Motivation for Owners

No matter how noble our mission, we ALL struggle with motivation.

After a great weekend like I just had, it’s tough to kick the sand out of my shoes (and between my ears) and get back to work at 4am. Even after 22 years as a coach and 12 as an owner, I still need to practice mindset techniques. In this episode, Craig is going to share three that have been extremely helpful.


Craig Hysell is a close friend, a firefighter, the founder of Conviction Training Facility (CrossFit Hilton Head) and the co-host of Conviction Strong Radio.


Craig is a mindset guy. I guess we’re all “mindset guys”–but Craig WORKS on it. While most of us are the victims of our brains, Craig works hard to take control over his emotions, thoughts and feelings. His gym is built on a different hierarchy than most of ours:




Mobility and Recovery



Best Self.


When I say Craig is one of my favorite gym owners in the world, I’m not exaggerating. He’s been through everything with his gym, and his mindset pulls him through it all. He’s a leader in the TwoBrain group because of his philosophy instead of his profit margin.


“Opportunity breeds motivation, success feeds motivation.”


Craig talks about 3 tactics to consistent self-motivation.


“Consistency is the key to progress; progress is the key to happiness.”


“When you chose to become a leader as a coach or business owner, you forfeited your right to be a victim. You’re in charge now.”


Three great quotes out of dozens packed in this podcast.


This is a short episode, but VERY powerful.


Craig’s message was part of the 2017 TwoBrain Summit in Chicago. We’re only doing one more this year: the 2017 UK Summit at Reebok CrossFit Thames in London, England. You need to be there.

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