CrossFit HQ Social Media Is Gone. Here's What It Means for You.

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All of a sudden, I couldn’t tag “CrossFit Affiliates” or “CrossFit Training” on my daily blog post.

I thought it was a Facebook glitch, but a source at CrossFit HQ confirmed later in the day that all CrossFit corporate Facebook pages and Instagram profiles were deleted yesterday. CrossFit Inc. is now only active on Twitter.

The New Landscape of Fitness Social Media

I’ll leave the question of “why?” to others. My only concern—as always—is how this move affects CrossFit affiliate owners.

I don’t know with certainty what wiping CrossFit’s presence from Facebook or Instagram means to us as affiliate owners. But I definitely know what to do about it.

Before the CrossFit Inc. Facebook page disappeared, its description said “Media Company.” The purpose of the Facebook pages and Instagram accounts was to distribute the media CrossFit created and published to its audience.

When CrossFit Media got slashed in late 2018 and early 2019, the platforms were used to share media about CrossFit created by others, as well as selected other content. That was primarily the “living room” and cooking videos I’m sure you’ve seen.

CrossFit once used Facebook and Instagram to reach its audience. Now its audience will have to find it on Twitter or go to

What You Need to Do

1. You need to create a lot of content. Your job is to tell your story and your clients’ stories. It’s to bridge the knowledge gap in your audience. You must tell them how CrossFit at your gym is going to help them lose weight, fix their back or get off their insulin.

2. You need to use your social-media profiles to get people to your website. Most affiliates use Facebook and Instagram (and maybe Twitter or LinkedIn) as a medium instead of a funnel. Think of your website as your fishing boat and social media as bait and tackle. All your social media should pull people to your website so they can sign up for a consultation. Period. Your job is not to entertain your audience or to get “likes.” (Read “How Many Likes Do You Need?” and “How E-Brakes Get Potential Clients off Social Media.“)

3. You need to start doing No. 1 and No. 2 right now. CrossFit’s disappearance has created a vacuum of content for your clients and future clients. If you don’t fill that vacuum, someone else will: there are no “vacant” or “your ad here” signs on Facebook or Instagram. Holes are filled fast.

4. You don’t have to be perfect. Just smile and be honest. Then hit “publish.”

5. You need to work harder to keep the clients you have. If you were depending on HQ’s media and social profiles to create interest in CrossFit for your gym, you’re going to get fewer organic leads now. That’s fine. Get to 150 clients and keep them forever. We can show you how. If you have 150 of the right clients who are paying the right rate, they’re enough to support a thriving business.

Your Business, Your Media

Greg Glassman is a genius. He hasn’t made many mistakes with his brand. Many times the reasons for his moves only became clear after the fact. I trust he has a good reason for the move, even if none of his affiliates know that reason.

CrossFit is a training and health methodology. It’s the best in the world. But it’s not a business plan.

It’s our job to provide that.

It’s not a media company anymore, either.

But we can help you with that, too.

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