How to Reopen Your Gym: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to reopen a gym: A set of yellow lockers with one door open to reveal the Two-Brain logo.

There’s no real end in sight to the COVID Crisis.

Some governments have reopened non-essential businesses such as gyms, but others have kept them closed. And some areas—such as Arizona—are being hit with a second wave of closures.

Here’s what’s clear:

1. When you are allowed to reopen, it will almost certainly be with restrictions. Each area will have its own set of rules, but at this point we have a good idea how to navigate them based on the operations of gyms that have already reopened successfully.

2. You should have a plan for an extended closure, as well as a second closure and reopening. No one knows how everything will play out, but you can be prepared for any of the scenarios.

My purpose is always to bring clarity, not to add to the noise. So I’m going to give you a clear plan to reopen your business—whether you’re able to do that in a week or six months. If you’re shut down again, you can circle back in the plan with more speed if you lay the groundwork properly the first time.

I’m also going to help you determine if you even want to reopen your bricks-and-mortar facility when you’re allowed to do so.

The overall goal, as always, is to help you achieve the profitability and stability that will allow you to live the life you want.

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