How To Paralyze Your Competition

Give them three great ideas.
Does that sound backward, or WHAT?
But if I know anything, after owning a business for 13 years and mentoring other owners for 6, it’s this: people with one great idea get it DONE. People with three great ideas get NOTHING DONE.
The reason the “other guys” took your idea and did it better? Because they’re not working on anything else. YOU are trying to do three things at once…and if you’re like me, not doing any of them very well.
Most CrossFit gym owners already have a big idea or two, but they can’t work on them because they’re coaching all the time. Their stress comes from their inability to act on a great idea. We get them to the Action point by leading them step-by-step in the Incubator.
We believe in a short period of intensive focus (usually 6-8 weeks) where we do things one at a time, in order, with each building on the one before it. Mentors guide owners through it one-on-one. Hundreds of videos and templates are available for homework–and the mentors tell the owners exactly which to watch, what to do, and make sure they DO it. Then they build.
We DON’T believe in selling access to a Facebook group, or selling courses without mentorship, because it’s paralyzing. I tried that with another company in 2015. We sold a lot of courses. Owners saved money on mentoring. And they didn’t get the results I wanted them to have.
If you told someone you’d guarantee their weight loss, how much personal attention would you give them? Probably a lot. You’d want to make SURE it would work. And that’s why we do 1:1 mentorship in the Incubator: I’m making a bet on you, and I want to make sure you’ll succeed.
But enough about that.
The best way to stop someone is to give them three things to work on at once.
The best way to move someone forward is to keep them focused on one thing.
You might not be giving your competition great ideas to paralyze them. But are you doing it to YOURSELF?


One more thing!

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