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Below, you’ll find tools and resources used by some of the world’s most successful gym owners.
We’ve grouped them by their relevance to the six main reasons gym owners fall short of their potential. Some of the tools relate to your business in a broader sense. You can find those in the section called “The Full Picture.”
Problem 1

They’re not paying themselves enough.

A gym owner might generate sufficient revenue, but “reinvests” so much of it that barely any is left over for personal profit. This is the easiest problem to fix.

Check out our podcast on the "Profit First" methodology to learn how you can pay yourself more:

Problem 2

They don’t have enough clients.

Even with a high average revenue per member, a gym owner still needs a minimum number of clients to run a viable business.

Here are some tools for getting more people through the door:

Problem 3

They aren’t earning enough from the clients they do have.

This is a common problem for microgym owners.

Here are some resources for increasing your average revenue per member:

Problem 4

They’re not keeping clients long enough.

Most gyms have signed up more than 200 clients over time—but have lost most of them. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to keep members for at least 14 months on average to change their lives and your business.

This will help you improve retention:

Problem 5

Their expenses are too high.

Space and equipment should be limited to what’s required to provide training—and nothing more. Staff should generate at least twice what they’re paid by “growing the pie” for the overall business.

Tools to help:

Problem 6

They’re trying to do everything.

Most gym owners are spread thin. As a result, the client experience is inconsistent, marketing is done only in times of desperation, and coaches are never evaluated. The gym is a one-person show, not a real business.

Here’s more on why this will never work:


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