How to Delight Your Clients

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I write about retention a lot: the things you have to do to keep people engaged in your gym.
Providing great coaching and having clean bathrooms? These are the bare minimums necessary but insufficient for business success. Neither will get you more clients, but failure to provide either will cost you clients. It’s possible to have clean bathrooms and knowledgeable coaches and still provide a C- experience. And no one brags about a C-.
Planning the Client Journey, celebrating Bright Spots, putting your clients on podiums—I covered all of that in our “Changing Behavior” series. These are specific tactics that are proven to improve retention.
According to our data, the average microgym has poorer retention than it did two years ago. Meanwhile, the average Two-Brain gym has higher retention than it did two years ago—part of the reason for the widening gap between Two-Brain gyms and the rest of the industry. As our data shows, a three-month improvement in retention can mean an extra $40,000 per year for gym owners!
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These are specific tactics dedicated to keeping your clients around. If your clients are happy, they’ll stay. But if they’re delighted, they’ll become evangelists.
“Get your clients good results and they’ll tell their friends”—we all know that doesn’t work because good results are the expectation. Meeting expectations is the bare minimum requirement for retention. But delighting people is something far different. This week, we’re going to talk about how to delight people.
In Part 2, I’ll talk about my favorite activity: giving presents.
In Part 3, I’ll tell you how to make your clients feel famous—a feeling they can’t get anywhere else.
Part 4 is a podcast: Jason Ackerman, author of “Best Hour of Their Day,” will be on Two-Brain Radio with me. He’s going to share the highlights from his new book and the number one thing he wants to tell every coach on the planet.
Finally, I’ll tell you the secrets of how to delight your clients online—the specific tactics I use to make the private Two-Brain Facebook group incredible. (No, you can’t join—that’s one of the secrets.)
I know you’ve probably been told that “getting your clients good results is the best marketing.” But when you put your groceries on the line, you can’t afford to wait and hope. You have to take action.
Delighting your clients is more than providing a great experience in class. Coaching and community fill their cup; this week we’re going to make it overflow.

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