How to Change Behavior And GET THINGS DONE

Humans do things for a reason.
You can’t improve a person’s health until you change their behavior. This includes your clients, your coaches and yourself.
Here’s how to do it.

  1. A clear picture of success. Every business client starts with the “Perfect Day” exercise; every client in our gym starts with “Bright Spots.” It’s our way of asking, “What do you really WANT?”
  2. The 20% bonus. I write about “head starts” in Two-Brian Business and Help First. It’s important to show people they’re already a little bit successful.
  3. Bright Spots. Motivation requires on success, not the other way around. Highlight wins early. Celebrate them. In the Ignite 101 course, Ty calls this “chunking.”
  4. Podiums. I teach “podiums” as a marketing concept in the 321GoAcademy, but it’s far more. A podium is a victory over a previous best. It’s also a chance to step up and move to a higher degree of challenge.

First podiums will seem small. Maybe you finally write a blog post, or a client rows 1000m for the first time. But it provides a base to stand on and achieve a new perspective.



One more thing!

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