How Seth Godin Can Help You Run a Gym

A portrait image of Two-Brain Summit keynote speaker Seth Godin.

Gym owners need to come together. So this year, we’re going to run our Summit at 30 venues at once.

The common thread tying the 30 Regional MeetUps together is an incredible speaking lineup.

Seth Godin is my dream presenter.

Here’s why I want him to speak to you at the Two-Brain Summit.

Seth Godin: Better Stories About Your Gym

I found Seth’s blog in 2006. I’d already been producing content, but it wasn’t good. I was just putting my opinion out there.

Following Seth’s guidance, I went from owning a failing gym to owning an incredibly successful one. And my larger company—Two-Brain Business—is built on Seth’s strategies and ethos.

Seth taught me how to tell good stories—sticky stories—that were real and true. He taught me how to relate to my audience better, how to make a point and how to ask a question. Those were the first lessons.

Over time, I learned that we’re all storytellers, and that business isn’t really about the price you charge or the service you provide. It’s about how you make people feel—and you make them feel things by telling better stories.

After sitting with Seth’s work for nearly 15 years, I’ve learned something deeper: that business is good, that we can do this the right way and that we can only do it together.

Seth talks about telling stories, but if you read between the lines, he’s really telling us how to change the world.

Seth’s books include “All Marketers Are Liars,” “Purple Cow,” “Linchpin,” “This Is Marketing” and a host of others. His podcast, Akimbo, is award winning. The sum of his work is life changing.

It’s easy to find Seth online (just google “Seth”). It’s very hard to talk to him in person. He’s expensive and he’s busy. But he’s also exactly the voice that gym owners need right now.

Seth Godin and the Two-Brain Summit

Here’s how Seth is going to work with gym owners at the Summit:

First, we’ll watch a recorded presentation. Then he’ll talk us through an exercise on video chat. Then (my favorite), Summit attendees will break out into small workshops to take immediate action. Some will work from home, some will work with their neighbors in one of our 30 worldwide locations, and some will take their team away to a remote location.

No matter how you work with him, there’s no one like Seth Godin.

Click here to join us at the Two-Brain Summit.


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