How Jennifer Broxterman Will Help You Change Lives

A portrait head shot of registered dietitian Jen Broxterman holding a yellow kettlebell.

Jennifer Broxterman is a successful entrepreneur. She’s the founder of NutritionRx and, with her husband, has owned a CrossFit gym in London, Ontario, Canada, since 2006.

She’s a registered dietitian. She’s worked with thousands of folks, including NHL hockey players and Olympic athletes who have sought her out.

She’s a winning athlete. Jen was dual varsity athlete in ice hockey and rowing, winning nationals more than once. She’s a four-time Regionals individual competitor as a CrossFit athlete.

She’s an effective teacher. Jen won an excellence in teaching award as a foods and nutrition professor at Brescia University College, and she lectures at Western University.

She’s an all-in mentor and a content writer for Precision Nutrition.

She’s a cancer survivor—actually, wait. “Survivor” is the wrong word. Jen didn’t survive cancer. Given a nine percent chance of living at diagnosis, Jen beat cancer to the mat.

I invited Jen to the 2020 Summit so that she could tell us how to more effectively change lives.

Jen will connect her story to you and tell you how to connect your story to your audience. She’s a living inspiration who will push you to act—first with the head, then with the heart, then with the hands.

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