The 4 Essentials When Hiring a Kids Program Coach

A coach teaching kids proper form with kettle bells

Kids programs burn coaches out faster than anything else.

In fact, we actually cancelled a kids program at Catalyst simply because it exhausted my coaches.

Here’s how to get the right person in place.

1. Key Characteristics

First, a kids coach has to be very passionate about the job. It would be a mistake to hire someone who “kinda likes coaching kids.”

You want someone who is diligent, patient and energetic, and the person should see the long-term value in working with young people. It’s often not enough for a coach to just see squat instruction as another part of a class. The top kids coaches understand that they’re helping a person develop a movement pattern that will help them for the next 80 or so years.

In the best situation, your kids coach will have a long-term vision for the program and want to lay it out for you before you move forward.

It goes without saying that kids coaches should be good communicators who know and embrace the mission and vision you set for your business. And, as with your other coaches, they should have an appetite for continuing education.

2. Background Checks

Background checks on coaches are not optional. In this case, it pays to go the extra mile even if your area does not require background checks. Run them. And, of course, make sure you understand all local laws related to coaching kids.

More info: Listen to Vaughn Vernon talk about a program for running background checks through AGuard.

3. Credentials

Your kids coach is going to need a certification of some kind. We recommend The Brand X Method because it doesn’t require travel, carries a strong physical literacy component and thoroughly prepares your coach to lead kids.

4. Compensation Structure

You’re going to pay the kids coach 44.4 percent—4/9ths—of the revenue you make from the program.

The coach is going to deliver the program. When the program grows beyond what that coach can deliver, you’ll pay other coaches at your basic class rate to help them. But the first coach manages the program, creates the programming and lessons, schedules the other coaches, and still delivers most of the classes.

This Above All

You must hire for personality and train for skill when it comes to coaching kids. It’s almost more important for this role than any other in your business.

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