The Heart and the Brain

A solid business runs on two things: systems and relationships.
Think of these two pieces as the brain and the heart of your business. In order for a business to succeed it needs a brain (systems) to direct decision-making and avoid chaos. But it also needs a heart (relationships) to keep the blood (revenue) pumping.
If a business has neither, it usually leads to an overworked owner, constantly looking for new customers while retaining none. Without a system in place, he or she is prone to making poor decision-making.
If a business just has a heart, it will struggle to grow, eventually imploding due to angry customers and a dried-up bank account.
If a business has only a brain, it will result in poor retention and an owner who can never leave the gym, lest it fall apart.
But with BOTH, we have a powerful business that can weather all obstacles. We have systems in place to keep things running smoothly no matter who is in charge, and we have relationships to promote retention and organic growth. A brain and a heart combined develop a healthy, un-killable business and create better lifestyles for owner, staff and clients.
So what’s the trick?
Build your systems ASAP and continue to work on them indefinitely. Ensure that your staff can easily access and search your staff handbook to avoid any issues.
Create a community by genuinely caring for your members AND staff. Try to meet with one staff member per day to talk about their growth and ambitions. What does their perfect day look like? Where do they see themselves in one, three or five years? How can you help get them there?
Apply the 90-second rule to your coaches. Make sure they are spending time with each member, during every class.
Use campfiring to build relationships after class.  During cool down, talk to your members, learn about them and help them.
Offer social events that educate and entertain. Have fun, but be sure to add some value other than just hanging out. Offer a nutrition seminar or mobility clinic before your next social. Or invite local businesses to your gym to offer a clinic or product trial.
A business cannot survive on systems or community alone; it needs both to survive.

If you need more help, we are here for you.

Jeff Burlingame
Two-Brain Business Mentor
Owner – Friction CrossFit



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