Building a Client-Centric Business: The Happy Path

Building a Client-Centric Business: The Happy Path

In the first post in this series, I published a breakdown of the three levels of building a client-centric business that truly helps people: mission, model and method.

You can visualize them as a vertical, with the mission informing the model and the model influencing the method.

We can add a horizontal line that bisects your model: the client journey. In our RampUp program, we teach gym owners how to build a client journey that includes every interaction with the business, from the time the client first hears about the gym to the time the client leaves the gym. (We provide templates for Two-Brain clients to customize and use.)

A simpler version: the Happy Path.

Draw a horizontal line on a piece of paper. This line is the timeline from when a client joins your gym to the point where they quit.

Above the line, you’re going to write the actions that the client takes at each point in time.

Below the line, you’re going to write the actions that your team takes at each point in time.

For example:

Day 1

Client shows up for their No Sweat Intro. Client decides on the package they want to start their journey. Client pays. Client books their first coaching session.

Team performs an assessment. Team performs a motivational interview. Team prescribes a starting plan. Team receives payment. Team books the client’s first session and welcomes them aboard.

Day 2

Client is waiting for their first session.

Team sends a welcome video from the client’s coach. Team orders a welcome kit to be delivered to the client’s house.

Day 3

Client arrives for their first session.

Team delivers first on-ramp session and assigns stretching homework.

And so on.

Map It Out!

You should map out the Happy Path for at least the first 90 days, ending with the client’s first reassessment (or Goal Review). At that point, the path will probably take a slight turn.

If you really want to do this well, walk backward through the Happy Path and make sure that every step is built to get the client to the 90-day mark with some progress to show for it.

That is putting the client in the center of your business: You build your processes around their journey.


One more thing!

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