Essential Gym Marketing Funnels: The Content Funnel

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Your gym needs more than one way to acquire clients.

And most gyms struggle to get new members because they’re inconsistent in their marketing.

Two-Brain gyms always have four marketing funnels running, and every funnel leads to a free consultation. In the first post in this series, I laid out a referral funnel that replicates your current clients.

Today, I’ll give you the content funnel.

Building Trust and Authority

The content funnel multiplies the effect of every other funnel because it builds trust and authority.

I built my first gym with Yahoo Mail and a weekly newsletter.

I built my second gym with a blog.

I built Two-Brain Business with content—first a blog, then a book, then a podcast, and now a YouTube channel and everything else. We publish to multiple platforms several times a day.

Five years ago, producing daily content for your audience would put you in the top 1 percent of businesses worldwide. Now it puts you in the top 50 percent—that means if you’re not producing daily content, people will choose the gym owners who are.

I’m not talking about social-media posts here: I’m talking about publishing valuable long-form content on a blog, a podcast or YouTube.

Parts of the Content Funnel

Top of funnel: a blog, podcast or YouTube channel. Pick the one that feels most natural to you.

Mid-funnel: your “container” for leads. Push people to one place—either a free Facebook group or your email list. Start conversations with your content and continue conversations on your own platform.

Bottom of funnel: Push clients to book a free consultation. Use sell by chat in your free Facebook Group and specific booking links in your emails.

The most important aspect of the content funnel is consistency. For me, this means investing the first 30 minutes of my day creating content (as I’m doing now, at 6:10 a.m.).

I’ve built every company I own on content marketing: 95 percent of what I build is given away for free. The other 5 percent is expensive. People trust me (thank you) because they “know” me through my content.

Do whatever it takes to produce the content. Two-Brain clients have a huge Content Vault full of resources they can copy and use, including blog posts, emails, lead-nurture scripts, graphics, images, AI prompts and more.

So should you use AI?

If you’re unable to produce daily content at a B+ level, then use AI to generate blog posts or video scripts for you.

If you can produce regular content above a B+ level, you don’t need AI.

But remember that AI will help your competition produce a lot of content now. So do whatever you need to do to ensure your story is being told daily.

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